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WhatsApp Click to Chat is a very useful and fun feature that can be used for a lot of different things. It makes life a lot easier for web administrators, developers and companies but also ‘common’ users can use it for example by sharing a link Facebook.

WhatsApp Click to Chat allows people to chat with someone (via a link) without having their phone number in the phone’s address book. It’s also possible to prepare a link with a pre-filled message, even including a hyperlink to your own website.

WhatsApp Click to Chat works on both your phone and WhatsApp Web. This article illustrates the possibilities and explains in detail how it works.

When to use WhatsApp Click to Chat?

The possibilities with WhatsApp Click to Chat are actually quite unlimited. We’ve got some tips and ideas for you on how to use this feature:

  • Companies can create a link and add this to their website contact information. Visitors can start a WhatsApp chat with the company without saving the number first: simply click on the link and WhatsApp will open a fresh chat.
  • It’s possible to prepare pre-filled messages that clients can send to you (‘Send me info about product A’, ‘Send me info about product B’, ‘Call me back’, ‘Add me to your broadcast list’). Off course it’s also possible to combine these links in a drop-down menu on your website to make contact even easier.
  • You can let visitors share a message directly from your website with one or more of their contacts on WhatsApp (‘Shall we go to this festival?’, ‘Ticket sale will start 1st of January’, ‘Check Whatsappen.com for cool stuff’.
  • ‘Common’ users should be careful about their privacy when sharing a link (with your phone number) in public, but you can create a link like ‘Who wants to chat with me, click on this link’. Or you can prepary some fun or stupid texts that others can send to their WhatsApp contacts: wise sayings, love messages or political messages.


How to use WhatsApp Click to Chat?

WhatsApp Click to Chat allows you to do three dings: open an empty chat with a certain phone number, let someone send a pre-filled message to a certain phone number or build a link with a pre-filled message that can be send to multiple contacts.



Use the following link and add the full phone number in internation format. Omit any brackets, zeroes, dashes or other signs.


Example: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=316123456

Wrong: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=+0031-(6)123456


Change the phone number to the international format (as described above) and add an URL-encoded pre-filledmessage.


Example: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=316123456&text=I%20want%20some%20more%20information%20about%20WhatsApp

Or including a hyperlink:

Example: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=316123456&text=I%20want%20some%20more%20information%20about%20WhatsApp%20so%20I%20check%20https%3A%2F%2Fwhatsappen%2Ecom


It’s aslo possible to prepare message that can be send to one or multiple contacts. Use the following link:


Example: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?text=I%20wish%20I%20knew%20this%20before

Or including a hyperlink:

Example: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?text=Check%20%20https%3A%2F%2Fwhatsappen%2Ecom%20for%20WhatsApp%20related%20stuff


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72 thoughts on “WhatsApp Click to Chat

  1. Hakan Dündar

    How to

    I doing opencart 3.0.2 version

    WhatsAPP with order

    dont working send product link. I idea from “=” doing it

  2. Jamell

    Is it possible to use Whattsapp Click to Chat to send a Message to multiple users? Like a Broadcast Message?

  3. Amar Mathur

    How to integrate whatsapp api with .net web application?

  4. brenda

    It’s not working on Mac web version, is there any way to fix that? Thanks.

  5. Michel

    @Piyush, yes, if it has invalid format you’ll get a warning.

    Try this , i.e. too short number : https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=316123456

    Bear in mind, if the format is right but you’ve only misspelled one number, you can still send it to the wrong person. So you need to be accurate with this.

  6. Piyush

    @Michel Hi,
    What if the number mentioned in the url is wrong? Does it return any response code saying ‘Invalid number or Not registered with whatsapp’?

  7. Venkata Ramana

    Can we use this feature in my android application. how to use this feature grammatically in my android application

  8. Dany

    Can I hide the long link that will not show the phone number and text?
    When I shorten the link in Google’s short he does not take me to the phone number ..

  9. Rabie

    How to send to a group or multiple numbers?

  10. Michel

    Hi Gabriel, no it’s not live yet. Yesterday we’ve checked again with WhatsApp and they ran into some issues with the fix. They are currently testing it again and hope to push it out soon. Maybe still before the weekend, but that’s getting close… Know that they are doing their best :)

  11. Gabriel

    Already, I have updated and the problem with the capital letters has not been solved yet. Has anyone succeeded?


    In WhatsApp web share – UpperCase LowerCase mix shortened url via goo.gl getting invalidated, as while sharing it is getting converted in lowercase. My main motive is not getting fulfilled.
    I am using the below format
    urlencodedtext text contains my shortened url.

  13. Michel

    Good news for all who are waiting for the uppercase issue to be fixed. WhatsApp fixed the issue, update will be released soon! Cheers (admin)

  14. Gaurav

    Can we send text on multiple number (e.g. number1, number2, number3 ……) or send a message to a specific group or broadcast using click and chat ?????

  15. Joseph

    @AMRI @RANA, that’s not possible with this option. Otherwise it would be very easy for bots to search on the web for those links and automatically send spam. Besides that, if you had this option, people would send something without knowing what they are sending to someone… That doesn’t sound good to me.

  16. Yasirli Amri

    Same question with @Rana…

    “Link on click message can directly send without ask. By above link it shows you message and when you touch send then it send the message. But is there any way that by click message can send direct without ask”

    Waiting for the answer :) …

  17. gabriel

    No news on uppercase in web version??

  18. Sahdev Rana

    Link on click message can directly send without ask. By above link it shows you message and when you touch send then it send the message. But is there any way that by click message can send direct without ask.

  19. Michel

    No news about uppercase in web, we’ve checked last night and the task is assigned internally. Don’t know what prio it has, if they are able to fix, and if, how long release will take, et cetera. But it’s on the radar..


    I think you should use %0A

  21. Ashish

    Tell me some API to send WhatsApp to multiple numbers, which are not in my contact list

  22. Niceguy

    Sorry. Ignore the previous message. Should be ‘%0A’ .

    @admin, kindly please delete the previous post. Thanks

  23. Fabiano Probst

    Please i need to put a next line for example https://web.whatsapp.com/send?phone=myphone &text=*MY COMPANY * ‘nextline’ description my company

    description my company

    This is possible? tks.

  24. HZ

    Hi all,

    WhatsApp fixed the lower case issue finally today. I updated the WhatsApp for IOS to the latest version today and it solved the problems!

    Problem still exist in web version. Hopefully it will be fixed in a short period of time.

  25. HZ


    any updates on the lowercase issue?

  26. Fahad Khalique

    Hello Michel

    Thank you so much for all your help

    but still it doesn’t work for me, php code appears as code rather than a link


  27. Michel

    Hi Fahad,

    We’ve been playing around a bit and found a solution if you’re using wordpress. It’s a combination of whatsapp click and chat and some php code. Probably this also works for other websites, but then you just need to amend the get_permalink into whatever is the parameter for current pages on your website.

    a href="https://api.whatsapp.com/send?text=This%20article: < ?php echo get_permalink(); ?> &phone=31612345">Order on WhatsApp/a>
    (don’t forget to open both A’s but otherwise couldn’t post it here)

    Is this what you’re looking for?

  28. Fahad Khalique

    Hello MICHEL

    Thank your for quick response

    actually yes i want a variable like current page URL, so if customer click on “Order on Whatsapp” they can msg me the current page URL, it will let us know what product customer wants.

  29. Niceguy

    @MICHEL , Glad you heard my voice. Your effort is highly appreciated! Thanks!

  30. Michel

    @MT, end of February 2017.

    @Niceguy, the answer on Friday late before the weekend was that they were looking into it. Not sure what prio it has internally. We expect an answer this week, if not we’ll remind them.

  31. Niceguy

    Sorry. Been waiting for quite a period of time. Not to be mean but is there any progress or feedback from Whatsapp? Thanks in advance!

  32. MT

    When was it first became available?

  33. Michel

    Hi all, we’ll check with WhatsApp on the uppercase issue and update here if we learn more. Stay tuned. (admin)

    EDIT: we’ve raised the issue and WhatsApp is looking into it. As soon as we learn more we’ll update in comments (you can also follow us @whatsappencom, we’ll tweet if there’s a solution so you don’t need to refresh this page every minute;-))

  34. gabriel

    Solution to uppercase letters?


    can’t believe this is so crappy.

  36. Anna

    It’s been working wrong for a couple of days.

  37. Niceguy

    Anyone got ideas on how to retain Uppercase while passing message parameter into Whatsapp Web?

  38. Dennis

    Now I got you. You are using WhatsApp Web to SEND as well. I also have the issue there. First I used your link to send it via mobile and was checking on whatsapp web to see if the capitals arrived.

    But, no, this doesn’t seem to work by sending in WhatsApp Web. Do you know if this has always been the case?


    @Dennis, Thanks for your reply. I forgot to mention I am using WHATSAPP WEB.
    After I click SEND, all my messages become lowercase on “https://web.whatsapp.com/”.

  40. Dennis

    @Shereen, yes I confirm. I sent it to my whatsapp group and it’s just exactly, in format: I’m inquiring about the Lowercase Character ISSUE. Just tried on my phone to (did it with Web before) and it’s just in correct uppercase characters… Using Android


    @Dennis, Did you click “SEND” after you see “I’m inquiring about the Lowercase Character ISSUE” ?

  42. Dennis

    @Victor, no this is not possible
    @Shereen, I see your message as: I’m inquiring about the Lowercase Character ISSUE so for me there is no lowercase issue, don’t know what you mean?

  43. Karim

    Hi Juan, try Chrome, Internet explorer or Edge browser. I confirm those work

  44. Juan

    This doesn’t seem to work with Opera, nor Firefox browsers. I tried firefox web browser on Desktop and it doesn’t know how to handle whatsapp:// protocol. On my mobile phone, Opera gives a diferent message but also at the time of targetting the url with the mentioned protocol.


    Can we share images by using Click & Chat?

  46. MJ

    @ Louis, no. But you can use the ‘Group invite link’ within Groups. (create a group, add participants and you should see a “invite by link’ option

  47. MJ

    It’s not possible to add images

  48. Louis

    Can I use click to chat to call a group in URL?

  49. lucky

    hello, how if we need to give text with image?

  50. عبدالله السالم

    What about send image?

  51. bako

    why is the following not working on iphone? It seems + sign is incorrectly replaced by a space.


    on Android and web : 1 + 1
    on iPhone : 1 1

  52. Salvador


    I wnat to Know, If is possible to validate the number preview to make the link.



  53. Michel


    Not sure if I understand your question but if I understand you right you want a text instead of the full link url.

    You should be able to use below format in html supported posts/email:

    [a href=”https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=316123456″ rel=”nofollow”]your text here [/a]

    Note: replace the [ and ] into < and > (but otherwise I could not show the code here)

    Result looks like below. Is that what you mean?

    your text here

  54. Michel

    @Karmen, it’s unlimited, just like sharing a regular link /message on WhatsApp

  55. Karmen

    By using the link and send to Multi contacts, is there a limited number of people i can send to? does it work the same way as broadcast list?

  56. manjeet kumar

    can we shera image by using click & chat

  57. anonym

    My phone will get fixed. And now I use another phone, and on that phone I don’t have my new contacts (on whats app) which I have on my phone which will be fixed. And that phone will have a backup. And my question is will all my new messages and contacts still be on the phone which will be fixed and have this backup. And my newest messages and contacts have dissaperd on the phone that I use now which is old.

  58. Sunniva

    My phone will get fixed. And now I use another phone, and on that phone I don’t have my new contacts (on whats app) which I have on my phone which will be fixed. And that phone will have a backup. And my question is will all my new messages and contacts still be on the phone which will be fixed and have this backup. And my newest messages and contacts have dissaperd on the phone that I use now which is old.

  59. inforevel

    See this first in bottom:

    Whatsappen.com is NOT affiliated with WhatsApp Inc.

  60. Morrison Oppong

    my friend hasn’t blocked me but can’t see her last seen when she’s offline. and i want to know why it’s happening like that nowadays

  61. Anonymous

    @TOM, unfortunately not

  62. Tom

    Hi, Is there a way to define a chosen name for the receiver instead of his number?

  63. Coolio

    KB, not your own images but you can share a link to an image

  64. KB

    Can we share images by using Click & Chat?

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