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WhatsApp Business, the business version of WhatsApp, is being prepared for launch. For now, the app will be free. On this page you’ll read everything about WhatsApp Business!

WhatsApp is currently developing two tools for businesses: WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Enterprise. These applications should make it easier for businesses to maintain customer contact through WhatsApp.

There will be a free app for small businesses and an enterprise solution (API) for bigger companies. Businesses can verify and can get a green badge next to their name.

Eventually, parts of the business tools will be paid, but no information is available yet.

The latest news about WhatsApp Business:


WhatsApp Business Download

It’s not possible for everyone to download the Business app at this time. As soon as the app is released, we’ll update it here. In some countries only, the app is available for beta testers for Android in Google Play.


The app is free.


All features of the “normal” WhatsApp version are also included in WhatsApp Business. You have groups, statuses, (video) calls, documents, live location, images, videos, voice messages, and so on.

The app offers additional features. You can set opening hours and send automatic welcome and away messages. Also the app will have more options for profile information: you can add a business description, address and a website or Facebook page.

Verified businesses will get a green badge with a check mark.

In contrast to the ‘normal’ WhatsApp, you can also register your account with a landline (or fixed) phone number. Of course, WhatsApp Web and the desktop app can also be used in combination with the business account.

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2 thoughts on “WhatsApp Business

  1. Michel

    This is valid. Dutch KLM (bigger enterprise) is testing an official WhatsApp API and integrated it in their internal tools. API is not public, so sorry, we have no further information about it. Note that it’s for bigger companies only

  2. Jan Otte


    “There will be a free app for small businesses and an enterprise solution (API) for bigger companies”
    This is the only sentence, I´ve found that there will be an API for integration. Is this a valid information, since so far, I just found something about a new business app, but not something about a public API. Would be really nice, if you can gave me some information :).

    Kind regards,

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