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When you’re on holiday or just traveling abroad, the most important thing to bring with you is your passport and toothbrush WhatsApp. How does it work abroad? Is it free? And what about using WhatsApp with someone who lives abroad?

Below information is the same for WhatsApp calls.

  • WhatsApp with someone abroad

WhatsApp is a worldwide service. It doesn’t matter where on earth your contact is located. The costs for using the app are the same as using the app within your country. WhatsApp is a free app and the only costs are for your dataplan (or paid wifi-connection), like your normal mobile internet use.

If your contact is on holiday, you are still able to contact him or her on with the same number (you don’t need to use any international country code). Off course, if your contact lives abroad and he or she has a local phone number, you need to make sure the phone number is saved in international format (with a plus sign +).

  • WhatsApp abroad or from abroad to your country

When you’re outside your country, you can still use WhatsApp how normally do. There’s no need to change any phone numbers in international formats or whatsoever.

But, bear in mind, using WhatsApp abroad could bring some additional costs. WhatsApp uses the same mobile data plan as for internet browsing and email on your phone. When you’re abroad, you may be charged for data roaming. Contact your mobile provider to check the possible costs and policies for data roaming. The use of WhatsApp via a free Wi-Fi connection, of course, is free.

To avoid additional costs, the best thing you can do is turn off data roaming when traveling abroad. This avoids WhatsApp to connect to an expensive internet connection.

Android: Settings => More => Wireless & networks => Mobile networks / Mobile / Cellular networks => Turn off data roaming

iPhone: Settings => Mobile networks => Options mobile data => Turn off data roaming

BlackBerry: Main menu => Mobile network / Networks and connections => Data services => Turn off roaming

Nokia S40: Options => Settings => Chat Settings => Cellular when roaming => Disable roaming

Windows Phone: Settings => System => Cellular + SIM / Mobile network => Data roaming options => Don’t roam

As with all information on this website, you can not derive any rights from this article (see also our disclaimer). So, if something goes wrong with your internet settings abroad, you can not send us the phone bill afterwards ;). We recommend that you contact your carrier or phone store for detailed roaming settings for your phone / data plan.

Briefly summarized: WhatsApp abroad works the same as in your country and is free when using Wi-Fi, but make sure your other internet connections are disabled. Nowadays, many foreign hotels, bars and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi.

Have a nice holiday!

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