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Worst update in history

by Lost User

This has got to be the worst update mankind has ever seen in technology world.
I am using Windows Phone 7.5 running Omnia W
1. Whatsapp takes lotta time to load
2. When i type faste it hangs and the text disappears
3. I exit the app and restart it and when i open the chat window i see my msg and when i press the send button it hangs
4. it hangs hangs hangs hangs freezes freezes

Appeal to the Whatsapp team to fix this bug rightaway

whatsapp windows phone 2.8 update is poor

by iceman2372

So many issues with this update. Long messages dissappear and now notifications don't seem to come thru and some messages take forever to appear. Only good point was that notifications now come thru when battery save on. That's when they do come thru. Bug Fix Update very soon please.

Lumia update s*cks

by lumia800user

This app was great before the latest update, now you can't see the whole text when writing a longer message, the messages come too late and the whole app seems to be somehow frozen. New update and quickly, please!

Windows Phone

by Jonathan

Great app except when you type a long message you cant see what you typing coz it cuts off!

Do not update on Windows Phone 12/08/2012

by James

windows Phone update is failing on 75% for most users. If you the remove the app and try again (as is recommended) the install will fail. Wait for bugs to be fixed!

Super Cool on Andriod

by Yatish

I've been addicted to BBM for a long time, but once i got my sony xperia, the whatsapp experience on it was at par with BBM
i wish the emoticons are a bit big so that people can view them properly like in BBM

It's brilliant but addictive.

by BB

I've been using WhatsApp for a couple of months now and it's probably the best thing about my phone. The fact that I can have a conversation with friends on the other side of the world for free if I'm connected to wi-fi, or a tiny amount on my mobile data plan is amazing. The 500 texts that I get free as part of my monthly phone plan hardly gets used now.
It's a great piece of software, I fear a big company will buy it though and start charging users, which will kill it off, lets hope not.


by Mascha

Great app, but would love to have more influence on the skin


by Jack V.

App works great to stay in touch with friends around the world


by Jonathan

App is excellent. The only thing is, it's always online, whether you like it or not. I would like to shut it down sometimes

2.8 5.0 31 31 did not link contacts from my phone list too whatsapp User Reviews
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