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Very good

by Jody

Perfect app, best chatapp in town


by Portia Emely

Wanna change my cel no wat cn i do

cant find my menu button in whats app on my apple iphone5

by shah

hey the app is great .. but i m not able to change my profile pik or update my status in whats app.. i m not able to find the menu button. i tried using the phones menu button but it takes me back to my home screen ..plz help me out

Love voice messages

by Piedro

Voice messaging is a great feature!

Sucks on Windows Phone 8

by Shazada

On WP I get a notification for a new message and when I click the message isn't even there yet! How lame.

I'm a Whatsapp user for years and really enjoyed it, but how you implemented in WP is just not the way to go. Do you have a personal grudge against WP? Or are you just lazy to fix this.

Love WhatsApp

by Julia

WhatsApp is awesome, just love it. It's better than Viber and iMessage.

Bug! Version 2.8.3 Tooltips

by Jason

Since release 2.8.3 tooltips re-appear as soon as double click home button (iPhone 4S 5.1.1) and fully shut down WhatsApp. Or for example turn of your phone.

As soon as you re-start: WhatsApp tooltips are displayed again as if you are a 1st time user.

it's annoying. Please fix this bug.

More people are complaying about this bug: http://iszene.com/thread-146878.html

Great APP Worst Developer

by Poor_WindowsPhone_User

Sorry to say but first time ever seen such a stupid update!!

Can you guys just do "diff" with previous version and check the sh#t lines changed or added And make it running.

completely brilliant app

by meg

Whatsapp is absolutely great, I use it to keep in contact with my long distance boyfriend as its completely free and I don't have a contract phone. Can keep in contact with loads of people and people from different countries. Its a great idea and very simple and easy to use. I can't seem to find how I can change the chat background? I have a blackberry and that option doesn't seem to come up anywhere? But apart from that, great app, perhaps needs modernising a bit now, few extra features, refurbish the whole look, but overall, perfect, thank you:~)

Worst update in history

by Lost User

This has got to be the worst update mankind has ever seen in technology world.
I am using Windows Phone 7.5 running Omnia W
1. Whatsapp takes lotta time to load
2. When i type faste it hangs and the text disappears
3. I exit the app and restart it and when i open the chat window i see my msg and when i press the send button it hangs
4. it hangs hangs hangs hangs freezes freezes

Appeal to the Whatsapp team to fix this bug rightaway

2.9 5.0 30 30 WhatsApp was nice app until they added the new status. It's complete unnecessary! User Reviews