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by andy

did not link contacts from my phone list too whatsapp

Don't like new status

by M.

WhatsApp was nice app until they added the new status. It's complete unnecessary!

soo interesting

by nyandy.elvyn

whatsapp is an interesting and enjoying app where one refreshes up.


by Solomon Adeleye

Very nice application, quick and decisive to use


by king

It easy to get send messages and makes call on small rates or free

It's not enjoyable

by Princess

How can i download whatsapp on my nokia phone

Are you trying to KILL Nokia phones ?

by Bill Gates

Why does WhatsApp work differently on Nokia phones? Can't you just make a special button or option for not killing the battery , like Sign Out or Log Off? We will rather give up using WhatsApp , than our NOKIA Made in Finland phones !

Very bad update for Nokia !

by Ian Ziering

I want the old WhatsApp back on my Nokia ! This new version that I had to UPDATE to it is no good ! Yes, it has larger characters, but cannot stop connecting automatically to the Internet , for example or let's not mention how many times it crashes per day ! When I want to move forward in the conversation it QUITS ! And starts from Zero ! Your programmers and testers should be fired ! When the screen goes into power saving mode, the Chat jumps right to the last message, to matter what was I reading before !!! This is unacceptable from such a huge company as Facebook ! Ever since Facebook has bought WhatsApp , this application works like Windows Vista ! Not to mention that sometimes it just wouldn't want to connect to the Internet. It is just worse than a joke with Bill Gates !

Crashes more and more

by Dutch_M

Since lat update the app crashes more and more. Especially trying to load whatsapp from the lockscreeen.


by Don jack

is it general that every one should use it?

2.8 5.0 31 31 did not link contacts from my phone list too whatsapp User Reviews

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