Wont send messages on wifi on iphone.

I have an iphone 4s and the latest version of whatsapp.
Unlike other people I know who have whatsapp mine will only let me send messages if i have a 3G signal. Even if I have full strength wifi which my phones accepts for everything else- when I go to send a message with whatsapp with wifi only, it just comes up with the red exclamation mark and refuses to send until I get a network signal.
Any ideas of how I can resolve this? I have looked online and through my phone settings but can't seem to find any answers.
Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Wont send messages on wifi on iphone.

  1. Bella

    Unable to send or receive. Done all the usual restart/resinstall etc. Samsung Galaxy Sprint PCS

  2. Anne


    since today I’ve the same problem: when my phone is connected trough Wifi I can’t send/receive whatsapp messages. When my phone is connected through 3G I can send/receive messages.
    I already rebooted my phone and uninstalled Whatsapp and installed it again, but problem stays.
    I use Android 4.0.3 and I didn’t change a thing since yesterday, problem just started today.

    Hope this will be fixed soon!

  3. Anonymous

    I live in the UK and my phone is on tmobile-orange. My home broadband is currently with Orange.
    However my fiance has a Samsung Galaxy phone and also uses our broadband and whatsapp and has no problems sending messages with wifi alone.
    That made me think it is my phone! But then I have no idea what I could possibly change to make it work. :-/

  4. Jules

    That’s interesting. Based on details given I would think that your wifi-provider blocked the service. Who’s your provider, what country are you from

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