why cant i access whats app on my blackberry

i downloaded whats app and when i try to use it, it says something about not being allowed by IT policy

One thought on “why cant i access whats app on my blackberry

  1. Shaun

    If you receive “Uncaught exception: net.rim.device.api.system.ControlledAccessException” error, it is possible that you did not grant proper permissions to WhatsApp or that your settings became corrupted. To fix the problem:Go into Settings > Options > Advanced Options (if your OS is pre-5.0) Select ‘Applications’ menu. Choose WhatsApp and select Edit Permissions: Set WhatsApp Permissions to Allow and Save: After saving new permissions, reboot your BlackBerry by removing the battery from the device If you are still having problems performing the above steps, go to Options > Security Options > Firewall, and select Reset Firewall from the menu. Be sure to Save and reboot your BlackBerry by removing the battery from it for 30 seconds.

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