Whatsapp – volume bar WP7.5

if i close whatsapp there starts a music playing in the volume bar. but it is no music it's just a thing (what looks like this: ((*)). and if you play it you can't stop it.
does anyone know wat this is?

3 thoughts on “Whatsapp – volume bar WP7.5

  1. Boody

    I searched for it. Other web said its a new function that whatsapp has… So kinda can’t remove it….

  2. Joa

    I read something about it on a spanish website. According to them whatsapp is abusing the background sound agent to keep the whatsapp connection alive (or something like that) Not sure what it is, it’s not the correct way of using this api I believe

  3. Edit

    Edit: and if you click on the thing it starts whatsapp

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