Whatsapp Video Download

I am Narayanan. I delivered videos in Whatsapp. But Not Downloaded yet. Suddenly My Mobile fall on the water. So My Mobile Does Not Working. how to get the delivered (Undownloaded) videos. Pls Help Me. My Mobile : 84898 67898. Email : ukmnarayanan@gmail.com

One thought on “Whatsapp Video Download

  1. Michael

    Hi Narayanan,

    Normally undelivered messages are stored on whatsapp server for 30 days until they are deliverd. But I don’t think WhatsApp will be able to deliver them to a different number (due to encryption etc), but you should send an email to support@whatsapp.com.

    Or, if you keep the same number they might be still delivered on that number when you put your simcard in a differend phone! Good luck

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