whatsapp says i have no contacts when i do?!

I uninstalled whatsapp because it wouldn't send messages and then i re-installed it 4times!! It kept saying you have no contacts when i definitely know all my friends and family do! What should i do to resolve the problem please help( i have a windows8 Nokia lumia 520 phone) ??

3 thoughts on “whatsapp says i have no contacts when i do?!

  1. 2close

    hi my whatsapp phone number 08031577039 is not longer to use our service I don’t know why please I need your help

  2. Fawaz Rhal

    Hi my number is

    00973 36345442

    And I receive a massage said

    Your phone number no longer us our services please

    I don’t know what to do .

    Witting your replay

  3. Anonymous

    Was a short outage this morning… should be resolved now

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