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Whatsapp has been giving me trouble for a while now. If I delete it fro my iPhone and reinstall it from the App Store, will I need to pay for it a second time?

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  1. Sam

    Whatsapp has sent me a verification code but I have not requested a verification code how is this possible?

  2. Sivu

    Help to block some users from viewing my pro pic

  3. Nitin Hiwale

    I had a break up with my gf because of whatsapp
    B Coz I cannot delete my friends status from my list
    How can I delete my friends status from my list

  4. Priya

    WhatsApp isn’t connecting with my wifi but other apps do . This is abnormal and new . I’ve been using the service wifi all along .

  5. Pradip

    If someone has blocked my number from his whats app account and I have written some message in that blocked condition to him.As blocked the message will not receive by him. I want to know if he unblock me later can receive or read the messages which I write in blocked condition.

    Please provide me the answer

  6. Ck

    Hello Sir whatsapp ask me for verification but my old no is not in network how can I active my old account pls help

  7. Kassim

    I deleted my account and installed a new whatsapp but my phone number is not verifying what might be the problem

  8. paulus

    Its been two days since I hav been trying to update my whatsapp with no luck…all I get is download pending…please help

  9. VIK

    You’ve probably already set as “unshare” when seeing the popup about policy update

  10. Sadiq

    I have whatsapp version 2.16.259and it does not show me the option to share/unshare data with Facebook please help

  11. Zinhle

    I recently collected my phone back from being repaired and my whatsapp has expired and needed updating and I have been trying to do that since yesterday and it’s still pending…PLEASE HELP

  12. jay

    guys i lost my sim 5 months back, and im shocked to see its been used by someone else now, will he be able to retrive my old media content ??

  13. sangeeta

    If i delete some conversation… Then can i get these msgs back.. For some police case

  14. Sly

    hie can you please put the Zimbabwean flag on the flags emo icons,,please cause i see alot of other countries have their own flags there but why not Zimbabwe

  15. gowtami vijay

    whats app msgs not sent

  16. Nageshwari KN

    I want a login and logout in Whatsapp

  17. prashant

    i reinstalled my whatsapp and i m not getting any of the groups back i was previously

  18. Fu_96

    How i can see someone’s status as i am not added to their friend list and the person has kept privacy ..

  19. Nompumelelo

    I lost my whatsapp number sim card n when i download whtsapp on my new phone it says it will send an sms code to my whtsapp numbr i chngd tht numbr bt wana use my old whatsapp please cme up wit an alternitive ths sms thing anit cool e-mail would be ok to

  20. Tshepo

    Thanx a mill ;)

  21. Harshal

    whenever i am trying to log in in new phone
    but i cant…it says that “your number has no longer allow to used this service”
    what should i do…

  22. kelvin OMARIBA

    my number has been blocked from using WhatsApp plz assist

  23. Ramesh

    Is there a way to boradcast messages to Groups ? If not suggestions to upgrade hope most people would be looking for it.

  24. moni

    I have download wts app latest free calling service but I couldnt hear voice of other persons …y nd plz suggest

  25. sonwabile

    I tried to chance my number on whatapp but I can’t use my whatsapp.it say my number is not allow to use whatsap service again would you pls help me I need my whatsapp back agently 0835427290 thanks

  26. Yash

    my no is changed and my previous no is now with any other person.my photo is there on the no. so can I delete the photo of my previous number

  27. Mr. Swapnil Darokar.

    How shoud we use 2 what’s app account from just a single mobile.
    I have 2 permanent number.
    That’s why i am facing that problem….!!!!

    Please solve that problem as early as possible….!!!

  28. Sathya

    I am uisng 2.11.528 version. recently i have updated one of contact’s name, the same was updated in the contacts list of whatsapp and group participants too but not updated in the place below the group’s name (tap here for group info).

  29. navneet

    if i have send a message to a person and it shows me only one tick mark on that particular message does dat mean the message has not being delivered to him/her and if i delete that message before its written delivered with two tick mark then is that message not going to delivered to him/ her.

    please please please reply me as soon as u can

  30. Piyush

    I don’t want to see some group notifications for the group which I can’t leave…so that groups notification should go below and only personal msg should be seen on top plz make that correction in wats app I am really fed up of that thing…

  31. sheetal

    I see posts but no replies

  32. sheetal

    Hi. .lately while I was msgng my fren she spoke of a pic received which I didn’t send. but she showed me the pic on her mobile with my chat profile. .does this happen

  33. Shalini

    Unable to continue the verification after reinstalling it. Please kindly give me the solution asap.

  34. shaaa

    when u watsaap abroad do u get thesame data rates applicable for home country that of abroad

  35. amit

    how to delete auto backed up images that are in gallery of my android phone?
    i have done a reset factory settings but auto backedup images in my gallery doesnt get deleted.

  36. nikita

    i have recently upgraded the watsapp but it is not working due to problem stating “your phone’s clock may be set too far ahead.please correct it ”
    i m nt able to solve the problem please kindly help.

  37. Ruby sharma

    Whn i have deleted whatsapp from mi mobile i was forgot to delt mi whatsapp account ist……but now i again download whatsapp in mi mobile and upgrade it but it does not verify mi no. It shows error coneecting to server………plz help me

  38. sudha

    i want to install whatsapp in my pc (windows 7)
    first i installed bluestack, but i am not able to install whatsaap – server not connecting please help me

    my mail id

  39. Logesh

    I already had an account in whatsapp but I unfortunately uninstalled the app without deleting my account
    And now I recently created another account and by then I wish to delete my old account but I don’t know how to do it………
    Plz guyzz give me some suggestions regarding this

  40. Mohua

    I have turned off my last login time but i m unable to see others last login time also.how can i see others last login time

  41. sourabh

    i deleted whatsapp on my pc. know i download whatsapp on my mobile , a error comes on mobile when i put my mobile no and get connecting (server could not connected time out)


    Thanks for your co-operation.


    Send any images & Videos for my friends, not option in whats app, select multiple choice , please update for this matter.

  44. jyothsna

    ya same thing happened with me too…kindly plzz help

  45. sreeya

    my watsapp suddenly stopped working yesterday,i tried updating but still it didnt work later i uninstalled and reinstalled but it does’nt go after the mobile verification page it says connecting/network error
    please help

  46. Sameer Patel

    i cannot upload or share pictures :(

  47. mauni

    last seen is not working

  48. Smith

    Nope, if you already paid for the service you will not be asked to pay for it again (account is linked to your phone number)

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