Whatsapp profile picture not showen for some contacts

Hey there , since yesterday , suddenly the profile picture alot of the people on whatsapp doesn't show anymore , but i can see their status and there last seen ?
So what happened ? Is there a new privacy over profile picture or something ?

10 thoughts on “Whatsapp profile picture not showen for some contacts

  1. Anonymous

    I have the problem too, with friends who have my number saved. Please fix the issue soon whatsapp

  2. lavina

    even me facing the same problem. I have lot many contacts who has my number saved and we have been chatting. but can’t see their profile picture. Need a help!

  3. raks

    even am facing same problem pls help me out

  4. jr

    i have also been experiencing same problem the past few days. i tried uninstalling and installing again. still it’s the same. some friends have saved my number too but i still can’t see their profile pic. i have sent email to whatsapp requesting support but still no reply. who can actually answer what is the problem and how to solve this????

  5. Anonymous

    I am facing the same problem…I tried rebooting, refreshing the contacts… also tried uninstalling and re-installing the app even then the problem still persist.. cant see a lot of my friends profile pics. Its happening even with my friends who have saved my contacts on their mobile … please help why is this happening.. since yesterday !!!

  6. meghavi

    the same problem with me ..I reinstall whatsapp but still there is a same problem

  7. Anonymous

    I am also facing the same issue

  8. Aseam

    Same issue here, I think whatsapp has
    Updated some privacy policy.where both the contacts should have saved each others no. To see each others contact. :-)

  9. asy

    I’m having the same problem any solutions found?
    any help appreciated: )

  10. aisha

    It’s the same problem with me I reinstalled the app but still of no use

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