Whatsapp on Nokia Lumia 710 – Doesn't Download, please help me :(

"Whatsapp on Nokia Lumia 710 – Doesn't Download, please help me :("


I recently purchased a new nokia lumia 710 windows phone. Before I bought it I made sure it could run whatsapp as I love using it on my android so I couldn't go without it. Unfortunately, upon checking the marketplace it says I can't download it…

I know people with Lumia 710's who are able to use the app just fine, so is there any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Any help would be appreciated… Many thanks, sathya

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  1. Ben

    How long is this going to take for whatsapp to be restored

  2. Gabby Dlamini


    I am in Swaziland and have been using my Lumia 710 for 7 months with WhatsApp working just fine, I accidentally deleted WhatsApp on Sunday and haven’t been able to download it since. It keeps saying my phone software needs to be updated, the application is exclusive to a different mobile provider, or the app is not available in your region.

    What is really going on here.will it be fixed?

  3. saeed

    Hey I am using lumia710. And can’t install what’s app please help me …

  4. Ritu

    Agreed. Made a mistake by buying Nokia lumia 710. Whatsapp can’t be downloaded. Same problem with Zune. Useless phone.

  5. yash

    Same problem facing me and ma frenz, i made big mistake by purchase nokia lumia 625. I request all of u please don’t buy any nokia phones

  6. aman

    Hey I am using Nokia Lumia 630 n I cant download WhatsApp when will it b restored. ???????

  7. Anonymous

    Hey I am using Nokia Lumia 630 n I cant download WhatsApp when will it b restored. ???????

  8. pankaj

    I requested to all of you plz don’t buy window phones.there are various problems….and you know these kinds of mobile phone company make him fools.lots of problems ex-whatsapp you can’t send music files and some times whatsapp not found in market place,your device is not supported this software…android gives the better facilities as comparison of window phone

  9. aleksandra

    I know we should wait till it apears in Market Place, but could someone tell us how long it will take? I’m asking by couriosity :)

  10. sandeep kaushik

    I bought Nokia Lumia 630
    I am not getting WhatsApp download it when I get WhatsApp
    It too difficult run without WhatsApp please help me as soon as possible

  11. shivani

    I recently deleted whatsapp from my mobile,but when I want to download it again ,,I m unable to do it ,,plz help

  12. aleksandra

    I have the same problem ;/ today I bought second-hand Nokia 710 and cannot download Whatsaap. What can I do? In Spain Whatsaap is more useful than calling or sending sms ;/

  13. Vivek Rajodiya

    I am using WhatsApp from last 3 months in my Nokia Lumia 720. And because of phone memory space problem i deleted that approximately 4 times from my phone and i download it. But on 19th May, 2014 i deleted it and now its not available in market of windows. So what can i do for get it once more time. Because without this application i can’t run my many activities. So please help me to get it again. I’m waiting for your suggestion.

  14. miriam

    I am using the Nokia lumia windows phone. I unistalled whatsapp this morning and cannot find it in my market store. What is going on?

  15. Simeon O. Joe

    Hi, I can’t download whatsapp application on my Nokia Lumia 710. It kept saying window live I.D not available try again later.
    Pls help me out am loosing my friends and other vital info on whatsapp.

  16. sgsg

    I am using Lumia 720 I want to exit a group when i click on delete and exit nothing happens please help me

  17. Tabile

    I’m also have problem to download whatsapp and music

  18. Niket

    I have issues on Whatsapp It shows notifications but does not download messages. It shows not connected in the settings. I uninstalled it and installed it again. It worked fine for a day and again the same issue. Can this issue be resolved??

  19. natarajan

    shitty phone and equally shitty ZUNE. a mistake made. india is not there in registering for market place in Zune. none can be purchased… All nonsense

  20. bobi

    Have you even read this thread ?

  21. Prakash Gautam

    Dear All,

    Error/Problem is nothing but your software/mobile update. Go to Nokia care and update your mobile version.

    Prakash G

  22. Prakash Gautam

    Dear All,

    For past few day i facing a problem to download WHATSAPP in my nokia Lumia 710, Was showing me Error ““not available for your device ,Its pointing at software update, being exclusive to a different mobile provider and app not being available in my region.

    From above i tried for mobile/software update and download WHATSAPP from whatsapp site and it started working.

    And to download any app from Marketplace, plz make a id in LIVE.in………………

    Prakash G

  23. Anonymous

    Bloody hell 48 hrs . Still not available in market.what R U doing losers..dont make fool of us n just tell till when whatsapp will be there in market ???

  24. Josh


  25. Anonymous

    unable to download whatsapp after reset my nokia lumia 710 what to do any one have idea how to install again ????plzzz helpme….thanx….

  26. Jonathan

    so hope its back tonight. cant stand looking at my Lumia 800 going to waste hahaha. its gathering dust. RELEASE whatsapp NOW pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssse….

  27. himanshu

    i restored my lumia 710 .before that i was able to use whatsapp but now i cannot download it from marketplace

  28. Snoopy

    It is pretty amazing that Microsoft / Nokia allows this Whatsapp bug sitting for days….
    I have the same problem too… Bought a Lumia 900 and wants to install Whatsapp, and couldn’t find it in the marketplace…

  29. Trent

    This is really amazing, 6 days without any update from Whatsapp. When are we going to see some movement?

  30. Tushar

    i am unable to get whatsapp on my nokia lumia 710 why? is there any problem because first I was using it on my Nokia lumia 710 plz someone help me plz plz plz

  31. guru

    i think whatsapp is temporarily removed from market place or may b permanent. Theres another appln called “we chat” but no 1 uses it. If whatsapp is removed it will damage nokia’s sales. So they must worry.

  32. sol

    Help me please whatsapp not downloading on my Nokia lumia s 10

  33. sol

    Hi,whatsapp nt downloading on my Nokia lumia s10 please help

  34. Nik

    When finally came it back to market ? :o

  35. Danny

    Yes there is a problem with whatsapp for ALL windows phones, so also Lumia 710. Simply read above ;-)

  36. A. Dhuri

    i am unable to get whatsapp on my nokia lumia 710 why? is there any problem?

  37. Jonathan

    Man i hope this gets sorted really soon. Kinda dying without contact here :(

  38. Markus

    @Tatenda, no it’s nothing else. 710 lumia = windows phone = not available at the moment.

    Just be patient.

  39. tatenda

    710 lumia is smthing else! {wat cn i do to have watsapp?}

  40. sahaj

    can anybody tell me till when this issue will be sorted out..???

  41. som.roys@yahoo.com

    you go to official website and download it.

  42. katia Saad

    Dont worry guys, i have the same problem with ma nokia 710. the app itself doesnt exist in the marketplace. The error she shoulb by nokia marketplace not by our phone.
    Hope everything will be solved soon.


  43. shivani

    Hi m using nokia lumia ,710.iwant to install whatsapp on my phone bt not able to find in market place. Pls help nd suggest hw cn i download the same

  44. Stephan

    Hello Pankaj,

    The http://www.whatsapp.com/download is redirecting to Marketplace (you can see it by visiting the website with your PC), so yes, those are related.

    I’m for 99% sure that your problem has to do with the disappearence. No-one can d/l whatsapp at the moment for windows phones/lumias.

  45. Pankaj Singh

    I’m assuming the disappearence and not downloading are two different things.

    Also, I had tried to download from watsapp site and not through marketplace.

    Are the two related?

    Pankaj Singh

  46. Pankaj Singh


    I was using watsapp just fine on Lumia 710 till I reset my phone for a different windows live id.

    It had its glitches with not updating the messages but showing notifications once in a while(it would show messages if I opened the phone and removed the battery to reset the phone) but was working otherwise.

    Now I’m unable to download it as it says its “not available for your device”.
    Its pointing at software update, being exclusive to a different mobile provider and app not being available in my region.

    I’ve checked and the software is updated and as I was using it earlier I see no reason why the other two conditions would fail.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Pankaj Singh

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