Whatsapp not connecting

when I try to update my profile photo, I get an error 'not connected to service'. My wi-fi is working fine. I've tried deleting Whatsapp and then re-installing it again but it doesn't work… My Whatsapp has always worked but from the past few weeks its stopped working. I'm using nokia e71 and I've even changed my connection priority in Whatsapp to wi-first, cellular but its still not connecting

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  1. Lenny

    Sorry for the intrusion bt my Whatsapp was working pretty well before then I upgraded to version 2.8.2 it worked for like two days and it has now crashed…….when I open it and try to access it, it stays on for a short while and then it like minimises itself. I have tried that thing of opening Whatsapp and then minimise it and double clicked my home button to kill the app(smething I got from google) that hasn’t worked too……..pliz help me. Am using iPhone 3g

  2. nimrah

    my messages dont get delivered either..

  3. Bührsteiger

    Ok so that’s the latest one. Do you have more issues with WhatsApp connection or just the profile pic?

    I know there have been same issues for iPhone, which was a bug. Maybe it’s the same for nokia. You might report it to support @whatsapp.com. I think it’s a bug.

  4. nimrah

    its 2.8.4(31110)

  5. Bührsteiger

    What version do you have?

  6. Kau


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