Whatsapp messages went disappeared without deleting

Recently I encounterd weird problem, the messages sent and received within one hour went disappeared without deleting them. Pls help to look into the problem and advise. Thanks.

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  1. bryant

    i scanned my wife’s whatsapp on my computer and so she went to town and within 1 hours it doesnt shows on my computer that she is sending or recieving messages…

  2. Leon

    I am having same problem right now.
    After I restored the chat messages, all the messages after 22/03/17 gone!!!

    Anyone can teach me how to retrieve the messages from 23/03/17 to 05/04/17?

  3. Anil

    DO we have solution for this problem ?

  4. Unknown

    The app is becoming pretty stupid and problematic. Excuse my comment.

  5. hassan

    My whatsapp has been deleted automatically… whats this can anyone help me please

  6. Juan

    The answer is in below comment Anonymous March 4 2017 .

    Actually, it’s not the answer/solution, but it’s the reason… Corrupt database so WhatsApp restores your database to the most recent backup (which results in a loss of recent messages until the backup point)

  7. Leena

    Has anyone figured out how to fix this? I’m having a similar issue, except there’s no delay.

  8. Willy

    Same problem! All my messages “before” the 25th February 2017 are deleted on my BackUp will make them come back! Strange because another person who is in the “Group” chat, have still all the chat history on here phone!?
    WhatsApp.com what is going on? You can realise that this is a real issue for people who send something really important information or files or pictures are completely deleted ! For ever???

  9. kasimbhai

    I am having the same issue .please help

  10. Janine

    Is it because the memory on card is too full so they don’t store?

  11. Anonymous

    So actually… Also when WhatsApp crashes, for whatever reason, it will automatically restore the backup moment. So you will see your messages disappearing

  12. Anonymous

    When your database is corrupt (for some technical reason) whatsapp restores your messages to the automatic backup (often the night before)

    In that occasion you see indeed your messages disappearing without deleting.

  13. Lorraine

    I lost all my chat history with one contact which had messages going back a long time. I backed them on google drive but not there. I only wanted to delete one message which it shd of done and the whole lot went. Tried to restore..nothing, they were of sentimental meaning gone in an instant. If there is anyway to get them back let me know. One sad customer

  14. PM

    Woke up this morning and all of my messages have disappeared and I can’t restore them. What the h*ll happened?


    Same issue started Feb 20th, whatsapp actually crashed my iphone, after several hard reboots i have been able to get my iphone back to life but my chats have disappeared from whatsapp.

    As you are aware and as everyone in this chat already stated, it is very important to us that these chats are recovered. Please respond back to the customer queries ASAP!


  16. Menna Shaheen

    same here..deleted all my chat messages from februray 6! what happened?

  17. Zly

    same here, when I woke up this morning, the app need me to enter my phone number and after all msg were gone

  18. K-dog2017

    Where is the solution whatsapp? How can there just be reams of complaints and no solution?
    I have the same problem. Iphone 5. 10.2.1 recently updated.

  19. Ank

    I daily get message when i on internet and then whatsapp that something went wrong with your chat history…..and it asks then to restore or skip restore for chats….
    its daily issue for many times in a day…how should i treat it?

  20. Hatingit

    Thanks for deleting all my memories for no apparant reason Whatsapp. All those messages and chat, all went poof.

  21. Zippy L

    I am having the same issue. Please help!!!!!!!

  22. Luchador2500

    Still no idea? for whats causing this issue?

  23. Kayleigh

    So mine is doing the exact same thing showing a new message on the what’s app screen with my chats but upon opening it it’s gone… I have an iphone6 + on the new update?! Is there any solution I need bloody what’s app for work!! ūüė©

  24. Gee

    WTF, whatsapp?

  25. Sergio

    I am having the same issue.
    Messages can be viewed on the Notification message, but when the chat window is open, the “newly received” message is not there.
    Some messages being sent to me are not delivered (one single gray check mark) and sometimes my history is reset to what there was a few hours ago.
    IOS up to date, iCloud back-up turned off, app was already uninstalled and installed again 2x.
    Any light at the end of the tunnel?

  26. Joe Bitusa

    had the same problem‚Ķ My chat history is missing‚Ķ Without deleting.. lost important information….Please redeem my chat history

  27. Joe Mcg

    Joe M..

    have the same problem‚Ķ My chat history is missing‚Ķ Without deleting.. very critica material delete somehow….Please redeem my chat history

  28. Yagmur

    I receive notifications of messages but when I open the app new messages are not there. Only the old messages with that person or group appear. I tried everything written in the support pages. Could anyone fix this problem? (I am using iphone 6 and all the updates are latest.)

  29. Anonymous

    Having the same problem. I am taking backup so that i can restore them. I think I need a new phone mine is 4.2 jelly bean.

  30. Me

    The same thing happened to me i was on whatsapp and had a notification so i clicked on it and the message wasnt there also i was on a group chat reading messages and i clicked out and went back on a few minutes later and the recent messages we sent were gone so whats going on ?

  31. Damian

    I have started having the same problems for about a month now. This seems to be fairly widespread problem. I have uninstalled, restarted and reinstalled and experienced the same problem.

    A couple of thoughts occur to me.

    It may be down to particular versions of operating system. It may be down to particular versions of phone models. It would be helpful if people who experience this start writing these down in their posts as it may make it easier for the developers to identify, recreate and then fix the problem.

    Another thing I thought about was how long a particular chat is. I only write to a few people but these chats are very long. Depending on how the messages are stored, they may be creating a situation where the messages are stored in memory blocks and once these reach their limit, it has the capability to spill over and use another block but this itself may be the bug.

    Lastly, I have noticed in the same period that I keep getting messages about the app is not responding and will close. It does this even after the phone has just been started and Whatsapp has not been used yet. It could be that there is a background process that it uses that has the bug that is not affected by a reinstall. This would be particularly true if we find we all have the same OS.

    To Kick things off my phone is a Samsung S3 (very old) using Android 4.3 Jellybean. Unfortunately I have no more OS updates available.

  32. Natalia

    same happens to me wtf is wrong with whatsapp , i get the notification of new messages but when i want to open them they are not there anymore

  33. Rahul

    Omg..what is this…. my whatsapp messages got deleted by itself ….i had many important chats and conversations…what to do now…. i want my messages back… otherwise…i will be facing a big problem…. please help me in this…

  34. Tommy

    Most of my history chat is deleted,, What I can do ..

  35. Mayol Mangang

    this is happening in me too the same problem

  36. Sumi

    OMG!!! Me too, i encountered the same issue, the messages received yesterday were gone!! I cannot retrieve some important informations from these chat!! Help me pls!!!

  37. Ritika

    Omg what the hell is happening!?
    I’m receiving new messages but when I click on the chat box, only the old messages from yesterday show up. Can’t view the latest msgs.

  38. Franciscus Baars

    It’s little consolation to discover that I am not the only idiot left inthe same situation.Why must the big corporations, which MSoft is and Facebook became, always stuff things up. I’ll never want o sell my own small business with its carefully crafted systems to a giant corporation even if I were given the chance!

    And they make so many darned msitakes that they can’t even keep track.

    Just lost three days days if critical chat history. Just because. I’m gonna start writing letters again and printing my reports again!


  39. fedup

    What value is a messaging app which can’t store messages? Mine has been having the same issue. This problem was fine until Facebook bought whatsapp. All that intensive data mining, machine learning and “who knows what else they do with our data” is ruining what was once a brilliant app.

    I’ve moved onto telegram which is open source and has a free API

  40. Kriss

    Whenever I switch on my phone…new messages would not show…rather old messages is gonna pop up…

  41. giuseppe

    Here the same!!!! Very annoying, the last versions of whatsapp are always worst… they add useless features and make the app unstable…

  42. Atal Sharma

    This is driving me crazy‚Ķ..receiving messages saying ‚Äúsomething went wrong with your chat history‚ÄĚ & then gives me option to restore from backup or skip restore. When I restore, all new messages are deleted. Extremely annoying as vital info has been lost. Didn‚Äôt switch my phone off & had unlimited wifi access. If I choose ‚ÄĚ Skip Restore‚ÄĚ option..? it says Will lose entire chat history?
    WhatsApp support just keeps giving generic answers with no real solutions.
    Very frustrating, only started happening since mid November 2016 and now became frequent it happens three time in a week!

  43. jeff ofwono

    Please halp l have a big promble with samsung galaxus note gt

  44. Devishri thakur

    I had the same problem… My chat history is missing… Without deleting.. Please redeem my chat history

  45. Fitriani

    Same thing happen to me.
    Whatsapp need to do something about this. Very annoying

  46. Gulshan

    Same thing is happening with me. …….”something went wrong with your chat history”, I’m tired of this bullshit.plz post a solution as soon as its found.

  47. Kcs

    i took your advice @ james.I deleted my account, deleted the app, scan for viruses, reinstalled whatsapp without restoring my chat history and after using whatsapp for half an hour the same thing happened again. I dont know what to do at this point

  48. Farhan

    omygod i think it’s just me but there are many peoples have the exact same problem like me too , “there is a problem with your chat” , ohgosh this is crushing my heart so I decided to search for this prob in google and i found this website , at first i thought it was my older android version or my laggy phone , and I thought it’s only affect to android users but no ! Alot of us have the same problem and I’m glad about the upcoming bug update , hope it’s coming really soon ! :D

  49. Hal

    Thank you James for sharing this solution just did what you suggested and my whatsapp seems to be working again. Hope it stays that way!

  50. James

    I had same issue from early November. After many reinstalls I contacted the app developers. They suggested deleting the app from within the app, ‘settings/account/delete my account’ where you have to insert your cell number to confirm deletion. They also said to NOT restore chat history. I followed their instructions and all now works perfectly. HOWEVER, all my chat history is lost. The lesson I have learned is to regularly email ‘chats’ to myself so if it crashes again I will still have all but the most recent messages stored.

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