Whatsapp messages went disappeared without deleting

Recently I encounterd weird problem, the messages sent and received within one hour went disappeared without deleting them. Pls help to look into the problem and advise. Thanks.

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  1. Libelulle

    This is driving me crazy…..have messages saying “something went wrong with your chat history” & then gives me option to restore from backup or skip restore. When I restore, all new messages after last scheduled backup at 2am are deleted. Extremely annoying as vital info has been lost. Didn’t switch my phone off & had unlimited wifi access. What will happen if I choose ” Skip Restore” option..?? Will I lose entire chat history?
    WhatsApp support just keeps giving generic answers with no real solutions.
    Very frustrating, only started happening this week!

  2. dinie

    same thing happened to me. kept asking me to restore and when it does, it prompted me again and again. lost all my crucial information for work!!

  3. ashussain

    same here any solution?

  4. MM

    I am also experiencing the same problem. Any way forward?

  5. DanielUP

    Have you had any solution for this? It’s happening to me right now :(

  6. E.S.

    Having the same problem! Deleted everything Monday the 7th, and still can’t get whatsapp to work. Reinstalled several times.. erased entire iPhone.. still happening. The new messages all appear in preview and then show nothing when you open them. Click to type and the app crashes.

  7. Sophie Thorp

    Has anybody found a solution, This happened to me today and it is so frustrating

  8. Selma

    Has anyone got any response regarding this problem. Im having the same issue. Please help!

  9. Laura

    Same is happening to me. All my chats have dissapeared.. and when I get I notification about a new message and I look to the chat screen.. nothing is there! Whatsapp is deleting all my messages automatically.. I tried with an Icloud backup but the same. I reinstalled the app.. problem still.. :((((( Please solve this issue!

  10. Donald

    Hello guys,

    I’ve had contact with support@whatsapp.com and they are investigating this matter. An update is coming for some other bugs so hopefully ours is included.

  11. Hal

    I’ve had the exact same problem, I receive the notification when I get a whatsapp message but when I go to the chat there’s nothing there and everything has been cleared. So annoying!

  12. Ts

    Has any one had any success trying to do something about this?

  13. Clarke

    Same thing happened to me yesterday afternoon! This is so frustrating. Did anyone get to resolve this issue?

  14. Anil

    Hi, I have similar issues on my iphone, suddenly all my messages in Chat window disappeared, I can see contacts and remaining options but the chat window is empty. The moment the message arrives it shows as notification but it doesn’t show chat window. For sender it shows just one tick.
    I tried to delete and reinstall whatsapp, update the ios… but nothing yet.
    Please any advises.

  15. Piers

    This just happened to me today. It wont restore a backup and each time someone messages me, when i open the app it just shows a blank screen. Can I do anything about this?

  16. Matt

    Yesterday morning, my iPhone automatically updated whatsapp and after the update I opened whatsapp and all my chats were gone. I deleted the app and redownloaded it and there were still no messages even when I did the iCloud backup

  17. yolanda

    im having the same problem

  18. Jagdish shetty

    My, this mornings,whatsapp chats disappeared. Don’t know how to retreive it.

  19. Tom

    Chris I have been having this problem for the past month. Have you found a solution ?

  20. daniel osei

    Pls my watsapp is gone

  21. Chris

    Am I right to assume that this bug has been going on since 2012? My whatsapp just entered this endless loop of recovering chat history and then crashing and then showing empty/no archived chats and then asking me to back up again. Sounds very similar to the issues above. Where is the fix for this?

  22. Amy Jones

    I looked in the request icon nothing shows but in my notifications it says i was listed but when i click that notification it directs me to his page. what do i do?

  23. Hans Hummen

    Today morning suddenly my whatsapp messages got deleted. I couldnt see any of the previous messages.

  24. john maverick

    Today morning suddenly my whatsapp messages got deleted. I couldnt see any of the previous messages. Messages that I received today morning are present. What is the reason behind this? How can I retrieve my messages? Please help.


    I reinstalled my whatsapp today at 7.45PM. But I cannot find the two days older mesdages ie.18.8.2016 to 19.8.2016.Please help me to fondout these chats in my whatsapp.

  26. Chirag

    Seeing one issue where sender did not send a message on whatsapp but I received a message. I have backup option switched off also

  27. sreehari

    Iam having the same prblm i lost all my chat list call list and all and in every group its showing you were added today but nobody has removed me.iam using lg l80 is this only a problem with lg phones.wish ot will be ficed soon

  28. NIMESH

    I am also facing the same problem. I bought new phone Lava Pixel with 32 gb internal memory, but once it reaches more than 30k images, it clears all chat history. without giving any messages, it happened with me twice. Also is there any solution if I clear chat history from any individual or group chat will it delete all images also from my phone or I have to manually delete all images ?

  29. priyanka

    Today morning suddenly my whatsapp messages got deleted. I couldnt see any of the previous messages. Messages that I received today morning are present. What is the reason behind this? How can I retrieve my messages? Please help.

  30. Madhu

    It’s really a very serious problem. Vert important conversations having record value got deleted without any warning. Whatsapp team should educate by issuing guidelines to use and forewarn
    the possible deletion. Alternatively, there should be a mechanism to recover all lost chats.

  31. noxie

    I’ve been using whatssap for years, it just said update after I lost everything and it’s giving me troubles to restore it back daaaaaaamn this app man

  32. Eve

    This is happening to me today after I updated the operating system on my iPhone 5. I’ve deleted it, reinstalled and restored from back up. Still deleting all new incoming messages. So frustrating. Can anyone help?

  33. Rahil

    I have uninstalled and installed what’s app twice now and reset my phone completely twice but cannot seem to understand what’s the problem. Keep getting the messages deleted And receive an already received message on a later time, kind of similar issue as above user.

  34. Natarajan

    All the messages got deleted for me as well. for eg if I am part of a group all the messages got deleted and again I had been added with out any previous messages. can any one help on fixing this. This is happening frequently.

  35. Elaine

    I encountered the same problem. All my chat history suddenly disappeared without my deleting, including my group chat. This happened very often. I am very frustrated. Kindly solve my problem.

  36. rohit dabas

    As usual i jst used my whatsap sudenly my all contacta conservation are deleted .then my gf send me a msg on wtsap then i bckup my data again.bt after that when i uninstaled the app and reinstal no backup chats are recovered .only that 5 msg conservation was backuo which i did backup after deleting my all cntcts csrvtn.plllzzzz give me any auggstn and advice bcz its all atched to my centimental and some persnal issues. Thanku

  37. Iulia

    I have the same problem. It happened twice already. I woke up and literally all the old conversations were gone, I have just some remaining parts, or a line from some conversations. It’s really annoying and I hope it will be fixed soon.

  38. Rain

    It’s surprisingly simple to recover anything less than seven days old: just uninstall the app, then reinstall it. WhatsApp automatically creates a backup of your data everyday at 4 am system time, and this data is stored on the SD card of your Android phone. When you re-install the app, you are prompted to restore your message history. Simply tap Restore and everything less than seven days old is restored.

  39. Anonymous

    Problem is happening to me too, hope it is fixed soon.

  40. jay

    tried replacing the largest file with the crypt8 thing. still not working :/

  41. Sheena

    This is sooooooo frustrating. All my chats are gone. they just dissappeared. PLEASE HELP?!
    Fix it asap. Well, any suggestions?

  42. hoko

    I am usind Samsung and having this problem since long. New chats get deleted when I switch off the phone and moreover I have to verify my phone number again and again because it says cannot verify your phone because you registered your number with whatsapp on another device when I did not. Please fix this soon

  43. Supriya Naik

    Same issue with my Moto X gen 2. Please resolve this asap

  44. Aline

    All my conversations just gone and WhatsApp does not recover them. This is the second time that happens.

  45. Chibuikem

    Am already going crazy. All my chats and media and new unsaved contacts, all gone like dead. Too bad.

  46. frustrated user

    What’s wrong with my whatapp. I opened the app and found that all my conversations were deleted, and all groups exited. It’s so frustrating coz I lost some important chats that I didn’t want to delete. What’s happening? Is there a way of restoring the lost messages. Anyone who encountered the same problem n found out a way to get back their messages help please.

  47. Nestalina Addotey

    My chats keeps deleting automatically. Its really causing me a lot .please do something about it

  48. Nana

    I backed up my phone to my PC using Samsung SmartSwitch and before I factory reset my Galaxy S4, I checked to see whether there was a WhatsApp folder in the device storage which there was and a make a copy of it. I restore my phone and all the WhatsApp data such as images, video etc are still there but my chat database is not. Anyone know if I can recover it?

    Email me at richdude97@hotmail.com


  49. nik

    Same problem here.. just happened yesterday.. when i clearing the chat, almost 10 conversations including group conversations.. when i close the whatsapp and opened it again I see almost 4/5 group whatsapps have vanished including private chats.. it looks like i left the group automatically.. there were 3 more groups are available right now.. they can added me again.. plz help me to get my whatsapp group appeared again!! i think there is a bug

  50. Siddharth

      I am using Android smartphone Sony C. When I am using whatsap on my device I exited two groups and suddenly I lost all my chats and when I check out my file manager, under it whatsap folder is totally empty with all databases and media files. That chat are really important for me so kindly let me know how to get it back.

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