Whatsapp messages went disappeared without deleting

Recently I encounterd weird problem, the messages sent and received within one hour went disappeared without deleting them. Pls help to look into the problem and advise. Thanks.

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  1. Neerja

    My whats app massage disappeared without delete tell me why? Please help me

  2. Neerja

    My whats app massage disappeared without delete tell me why?


    My whats app chats and medias also disappeared.. What’s is the problem over here ??.. Pls tell me the solution.

  4. Zain khan

    I had 2 chats archieved for the past year, they disappeared suddenly..i wonder howw..

  5. Minjia

    Has anyone found a solution? Google-ing and contacting whatsapp itself isn’t helpful… My messages are still missing… ):
    Pls help if you know how to!

  6. Connie Alfred

    im going through the same thing i uninstall whatsapp install it back it took all my messages from yesterday & also this morning i tried restoring & backing up still cudnt retrieved my messages i want my messages back

  7. Avinash

    Midnight at 1:30 am ask for backup…
    I refuse and all my chat history get disappeared…
    It only shows group…
    You were added. ..

    Plea help me

  8. Kesha Tiwari

    I uninstalled whatsapp because of my exams and then installed it again took the backup and got some messages which I didn’t even read and uninstalled whatsapp again and after that when I re installed whatsapp the earlier messages the which I didnt opened the chat and checked out like this only but i remember that I had some messages which are not appearing now after backup also … I dint even touch them … please tell me how to get those messages back…

  9. Rosanne Allen-Hewlett

    Yup … me too! Yesterday I lost one of my business contacts (partner) for no reason. I was deleting a VM I recorded so I could replace it, and suddenly his profile disappeared along with all our chats for the past 2 years. I left the app and when I came back in, his profile was there as if he were a new contact, and none of our chats were available. I’ve tried everything, and may have to un-install WhatsApp, but this makes me nervous in case there is storage somewhere that can be accessed. I haven’t see it though. I’ve asked him if he has the chats on his phone. I’m waiting. If WhatsApp is having problems, is corrupted or has been hacked, we should have been notified so as to save our data. I never had any problem for the several years I’ve used WhatsApp for business contacts with my team around the world. Since I had no problems, I simply didn’t bother to back it up / achieve. I will now! As a global medical management company, we rely heavily on WhatsApp and Skype for team communications, on-the-ground liaisons, and scheduling for patients’ tele-medicine consults ( some urgent). We are aware that today’s technology isn’t perfect, but this is a new concern now. We will be discussing this issue. Thanks for any assistance that can be given, but it seems that no one here has been given any answers. Microsoft bought it, they should have the expertise to handle it.

  10. Samkelo

    My recent messages from Whatsapp keep disappearing after 2 or 3 days and I lose important study and work material. Please fix the issue ASAP. I can’t keep on losing money because of Whatsapp. Please help with this issue

  11. Irene

    I scan my husband phone and it just disappear asking to scan again

  12. Penny Ooi

    my chat history for last 24 hours disappeared (but it only happens to few chats , with attached photos and voice recording) without i deleting it … there were all the very important messages for work purpose, pls help me to get back the missing messages…Please Help .

  13. Adeoluwa Oguntona

    Recently I encounterd weird problem, the messages sent and received within one hour went disappeared without deleting them on my phone. Pls help to look into the problem and advise. Thanks.

  14. Anne Williams

    Please help rescue missing WhatsApp

  15. Smith Bolu

    Few days ago my WhatsApp showed WhatsApp chat error then when I logged in it showed “initializing” then all my chats for months were deleted. This is a reoccurring event,pls help to fix the problem urgently.

  16. Myrna Quinones

    Dino July 26, 2017
    Had important information in my chat, it disappeared and I did not delete the chat. I did a back up and the only conversation was only one day.

  17. Alison

    This is the second time a chat over 3 hours long has disappeared. I’ve reinstalled whatsapp but my back up only saved the start of the conversation,please help.

  18. Lucky

    For me messages dissapear daily.

  19. Lateo

    Same here. I had used Whatsapp for more than 2 years with my Samsung S4 with no problems whatsoever. I recently bought a Huawei P10 Lite (Android 7), installed Whatsapp and restored previously back-upped chats; I’ve been using it for 4-5 days. To my dismay, this morning I discovered that most of my media were simply gone. I didn’t delete anything: they simply vanished from memory, without me interacting in any way.

  20. Ng

    Same to here….chat history image disappeared with unknown issue
    The image were for working use…..this problem ifected to me very much
    Pls let me know a solution asap….cause really effect me

  21. YM

    This is happening to me too twice the same problem,last week n yesterday:(
    Pls advice on getting back all my messages.

  22. Sudha

    Same problem for me also.. My whats app chats and medias also disappeared.. What’s is the problem over here ??.. Pls tell me the solution

  23. Reji

    My whatsapp showed error and lost one month of media file including chats images every thing upto yesterday.This happened without deleting anything.Is there any possibility to recover all those files.I did reinstallatin of whatsapp but the lost files are not restored.please help me .

  24. Obeth Mwasambungu

    I just lost my recent charts without deleating them…how do i reatrive them

  25. Zodwa

    Please help with missing chats

  26. Rishintha

    Same thing is happening with me , notification of message is coming when I open it no msg is being displayed?? I updated the app but also same thing is happening any solution ?

  27. pradeep ivon

    Even i see all messages of Tuesday 6th June are missing, what is the solution?

  28. Daniel

    5 days ago i lost all of my whatsapp chat history and lost like almost my contact. Now, i can’t open the whatsapp even if i delete and reinstall it. How can i get my history back? And how can i get half of my contact? Those data is very important for me!!!

  29. Dianah Kacunguzi

    I am very dissatisfied with Whatsapp because of so many errors. I first lost all my whatsapp messages last year and couldn’t even restore any history by reinstallation. I had to reset my phone to factory setting (losing even more data) and whatsapp seemed to work fine until last month (April 2017). I have been losing messages every now and then but today I completely lost everything including contacts in my phone. This is so bad, where do our messages go? Are we even safe with our secrets disappearing just like that? This is FRUSTRATING!!!!

  30. Mr Seoke

    This just happened to me as well after I closed every application including whatsapp now the last 2hours messages are gone

  31. Paul pringle

    Most of my messages on chat keep disappearing.how or what must I do to prevent this

  32. IJ

    I just lost all my chats of about 3 years 😭😭😭😭. What sort of app is this? All my memories are gone, just like that??? It asked me to back up and after backing up, all the chats disappeared. Please help me. I need my chats back!!!! 😩😩😩

  33. rajeev namdev

    My all massage automatically deleted , they all massage very important for me. i try to reinstall my whatsapp and click on restore but my old massages not received.
    please suggest how i can get my massage.

  34. Irfan

    My WhatsApp gallery gets deleted on its own why it is happening

  35. Deng

    My phone was running out of batt and has been recharged.
    When I switch on the phone and opened whatsapp ,I found all messages and groups went missing…
    I have tried to follow the suggestions..to uninstall and reinstall the app but I still cant recover the missing messages..
    It is important for me to recover most of the messages but I failed to recover.
    What should I do ?

  36. Mero

    I cant gind my chats on whatsapp they are disappeared and i cant find it so anybody know how yo get it back??!


    So no solution yet…… Nawaz o

  38. mavis

    my Whatsup finish to disapear

  39. gurk

    tonight i realized that the chat between april 6th and 7th (nearly 32 hours) is missing when i exported one my WA groups’ chat. i asked another member of the same group to export the chat and send me. opps! exactly the same interval is missing on his export as well. how and why can this happen. any solution?

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