Whatsapp messages delayed on Moto G4

I have recently bought a Moto G4 (Marshmallow out of the box) and installed Whatsapp on it. As soon as the phone was up and running, I was prompted to do the software upgrade to Nougat, which I did after a day or two. Whatsapp was working just fine on Marshmallow, pings were coming and going instantly. However, as soon I updated to Nougat, Whatsapp started acting up. Pings were not getting delivered or received even after 10 minutes, either when the phone was awake or on sleep. I read online that this is an issue with the Android N where Whatsapp and Telegram are affected. I cannot seem to find a solution to this issue and this is the third phone which is giving me this problem in the past 1 month.

One thought on “Whatsapp messages delayed on Moto G4

  1. pablo k

    so i just bought a Moto G4 as my travel phone – and it automatically updated (i assume to Nougat) – I installed WhatsApp after the upgrade – and now it isn’t taking any of my contacts. I just got a Vodafone sim in south Africa and can’t get it to work – anybody know whats going on??

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