whatsapp keeps stopping

I have a blackberry curve and installed whatsapp. However I have to reset my phone to use it and even then it only works for a couple of hours max. My signal is poor at home but great when I'm out but it still does it. I am only using my mobile internet as I don't have wifi. Any idea why it keeps stopping and I get the red clocks instead of ticks.

4 thoughts on “whatsapp keeps stopping

  1. James

    It does it when my connection to the internet is perfect but I will try your method incase it helps bring it back. Thanks again

  2. WhatsApp Fan

    If it happens again (red clock) just check if you can connect to regular internet via your mobile browser. Sounds like a network problem. Instead of resetting your phone everytime you can simply turn on/off (reset) your internet connection in your mobile device settings.

  3. James

    Yeah I tried that. I think its a problem with the network I’m on but when I spoke to T-mobile they were convinced it was the app. I can’t get bbm either so its pretty confusing.

    Thanks anyway for the reply

  4. WhatsApp Fan

    Have you tried to download the newest version? So not from bb world, via whatsapp page? Can be that your version is no longer supported

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