whatsapp crashes after update 2 days ago

I have iPhone 4 with iOs 5.1.1 everything was perfect since I've updated my app 2 days ago. It crashes all the time. I am not able to write the whole message cause app shuts down by itself. I removed whatsapp and installed it once again but now it is not able to create my contacts cause it crashes all the time!

3 thoughts on “whatsapp crashes after update 2 days ago

  1. Karl

    i had the same then i instaled 2.8.2 from installator :)

  2. Konrad

    Same Problem here….

  3. tym

    I have exactly the same problem. I tried restarting my 4S and re-installing the app, but nothing seems to work. Every time I open it, it tries to create Favourites and then crashes after like 5-10 seconds. Same happens if I click Contacts. I think it doesn’t even log to the network, though I can receive push notifications.

    Anybody has a solution?!?!?!

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