Whatsapp blocked my phone number

Hi, how can I unblocked my phone number? It is blocked by whatsapp.

Thank you

EDIT BY ADMIN: in order to unblock WhatsApp you need to contact support@whatsapp.com.

263 thoughts on “Whatsapp blocked my phone number

  1. Tanya jain

    Because of change of my handset I have to verify many times.
    Now its telling to contact assistance
    Please unblock my number

  2. dhaval

    plz my block whatsapp no kindly request you my mobile Numear 8000137514

  3. Revi

    i think whatsapp block my number in my whatsapp for blackberry because i verify more than 2 times because of my headset changing to android.

    please unblock my whatsapp number in blackberry becausr i need to get my important chat history from wa database in my blackberry media data.

    also email on support email.would appreciate if you could do it in 1×24 hours..as the hostory chat is very important. thank you.

  4. Beauty

    I have a problem my number was block on whastapp.

  5. Roshan

    Hello whstap team.
    My self Roshan gupta with 6 years old whstap Acc with no. 8080985592 which had many imp contact and chats involved. Kindly unblock it or give me some other alternative to change it. It realy important to get my chat details back frm there. Kindly revert on my mail please.

  6. Anonymous

    My no is block

  7. badiru

    please un banned my number 08091414611 and 09056064084

  8. Anonymous

    How many days to banned my account ???

  9. muzmal

    Dear ,
    my Whatsapp no 03038685786 is going to block please unblock

  10. ueriuonga

    0817084535 here is the number that I was using but the phone is saying the number is inncorrect

  11. Manoj jain

    My no is banned on WhatsApp..request you to pls unbanned the same ..Tried sending lot of messages on support@whatsapp.com but no response received..

    Anyone could help in this regard

  12. Azhar Khan

    Please unblock. I did not know the term and conditions and sent several messages to my contact list. Now I am aware of this restriction.

  13. Vijeta Pushpa

    I’VE been blocked on watsapp for validating too many times that’s why my number is blocked by server from using the service so please return back the service to me

  14. gloriaparsons

    Plz unblock my whatsapp can’t verify

  15. GSVassan

    My whats app is blocked becose of verification.This happened as I have changed my set and had to try 2/3 times.


    Dear Sir,
    My Whatsapp Phone No Banned. i mailed support@support.whatsapp.com also. how i can solved this problem. please inform me.

  17. karm

    Blocked number

  18. karm

    Blocked from whatApps how to get back

  19. aziz jaan

    my whatsapp is blocked now i want to do unblocked plz help me quick

  20. SH

    My new number was blocked from WhatsApp? I don’t know why?

  21. Sweet yanee

    How can i retrieve my verification in whatsapp..
    They say …

    You Have Failed Voice Verification Too Many Times. Please Contact Support For Assistance

  22. William

    Whatsapp must not unblock customers. Punish Developers not Customers. We can all use “Line”.

  23. Jeanette

    Ihave problem ichange the number now when i download whatsapp it say ishould enter e registration code but idnt knw it please help me

  24. daniel Akpan

    Whatsapp prompted me to verify my phone number. I made mistake with one digit of my number, then I was blocked. I was told that my number is not allowed to use whatsapp again. Please how do I unblock my number. Thanks

  25. jaspal

    Please remove me form block i never msg to unkwn people



  27. amit vishnoi

    How to unblok my no someone blok me

  28. Prasad desai

    Whats app had blocked me is there any solution to get unblock kindly help me and members what you all have done when ur no is been blocked did whats app team blocked ur no or you have changed the no.

  29. hasaam

    Why blocked my num plz unblock me

  30. priyanka gupta

    My whatsapp blocked unfortunately so plzzzzzzzz unblock my number for whatsapp

  31. Harkhorehdeh Horladhipupor

    Why can’t l use whatsapp again on my phone?

  32. Harkhorehdeh Horladhipupor

    How can l continue 2 chat with friends on whatsapp?l can’t verify my contact on my phone&later says my mobile can not use the whatsapp anymore

  33. olabisi ogunyomi

    pls my number is blocked from whatsapp server and i dont knw d reason, pls i need ur help to help me unblock it, 07063168178

  34. Gbadamosi titilope

    plz help me unblock my whatspp no.08141396185

  35. tarun arya


  36. hamad

    My number is banned by watsapp from using the service, so please return back the service to me.

  37. Mcjan

    ive been blocked on whatsapp for validating to many times never mind the fact I’ve been having phone problems does it get unblocked automatically? Or is there a way to sort it please help someone

  38. garbu

    unblock my account

  39. priyank

    its blocked on server

  40. bashir Sulaiman Aliyu

    I have been blocked on whatsapp how I unblock it

  41. Deepak Kumar

    Plece Help Me For Unblock My Whatsapp Account

  42. Basavaraj

    Plz unblock my number

  43. nji clinton

    whatsapp blocked my number whatsapp i need to be unlocked

  44. nji clinton

    whatsapp blocked my number i need to be unlocked

  45. Abdurrazaq Bashir

    My phone number is blocled from your saver. How can i unlock my number

  46. ebonye rucharia

    My phone number was block plase help me unblock it

  47. ebonye rucharia


  48. sahil

    my what’s app account is block no.9988314164 how can I unblock this service

  49. sahil

    my What’s app account is blocked how could I unblocking this service

  50. matrid

    How can i unblock my phone number on whatsapp?

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