Install whatsapp on Nokia xl is not working is shows your device is not compatible .. suggest a worthful option to download whatsapp as it was working as it was working properly till last day i was using it from last 20 days since i bought my nokia xl and i have downloaded it from 1Moble Market but today is stopped working as it shows upgrade before 19 june and today it stopped working… kindly suggest the options to get it back working…….

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  1. vijay Misal

    My whatsapp suddenly stopped working leaving the msg as ” whatsapp is of old version” & I’m asked to download the latest version of whatsapp for Nokia xl . Why r u playing with us? There is no latest version available & u r harrasing us. Since it is not compatible with the system, why u unnecessarily brought in the market & incurring the curses from the customers.shame on your part!

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