What happens if one of your WhatsApp contacts deletes you in their phone ?

If one of your WhatsApp contacts deletes your phone number from their phonebook and WhatsApp contacts, can you still see them as being online, last seen or status because you haven't deleted their details fom your phone ?.Or do you only see those details if that person still has your phone number in their phonebook and WhatsApp contacts ?
Is there a way of telling that someone has deleted your phone number and details from their phone ?

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  1. Noor

    My frend nbr deletet me before 2dayz how can i find her nbr i have no other contect of her …first i block her then i unblock …but her nbr is gone.. not remember hr whatsapp nbr ..how can i find it plzz send detailz

  2. Angi

    My ex has supposed to have deleted my number when I go on whatsapp his name number pic and last seen still.shows up I haven’t deleted his number yet will as soon as I get my new phone sorted out has he deleted me like I asked or not ?

  3. Mangelepa Daldeni

    Some of these people may be mothers and fathers of our children. So there is just more than friends using Whatsapp. There is a little thing called Divorce and an EX from hell if you haven’t heard of that, then it has never happened to you.

  4. Sandra

    Why are people so desparate checking all these signals. If someone isn’t messaging, they don’t want to. If someone blocked you on one app, they don’t want anything to do with you on another app. If you can or cannot see someone’s details, or how many ticks are showing after 3 days. Seriously, how pathetic. Has anyone read over a few of these comments. It’s hilarious. Live your life not worrying who has your number or who doesn’t. Crazy people.

  5. Rob

    I meant *Viber not cover.

  6. Rob

    If you have their number in the phone then they would show on any app cover or not. Regardless, it doesn’t mean they have your number on their phone. Settings are different. But if someone blocks you on one app kind of says it all, why waste your time?

  7. Priya

    If a guy has blocked you on whatsapp and I can see them on viber have they deleted your number off their phone?

  8. Raj

    OK what if someone has your number and has saved you to their contacts list on their phone and has WhatsApp BUT you don’t save them to your contact list. Can they therefore see your status and pictures etc??


    If I can see the contact picture and “last seen..” status with timestamp and this changes day to day, I’m obviously not blocked but am I still a contact of theirs?

  10. Anonymous

    I sent a msg to someone Sunday been 3 days now it has 2 ticks but haven’t heard anything unsure if this person has no service or I’ve been deleted from the contacts I did a broadcast half hour ago has 1 tick. I’m hoping I’m wrong with this person not deleting I’m unsure what to think

  11. Anonymous

    I keep sending a friend a message all that happens is one grey tick to say it has arrived. In contacts I still have number has friend blocked me

  12. Jenny

    I still see my friends profile but not seen. Then when I check it says add to whatsapp. Have they blocked me.or deleted there whatsapp.

  13. Ajay

    I can see my X On line but can’t see her status nor her dp…only when she is online I can See her online
    What dose it mean did she blocked me or did she removed my contact details

  14. Danny

    Unfortunately you can’t see this

  15. joyful

    How do I know if my ex delete my contact from his contact list on whatsapp?

  16. Michael

    Hi Stevo,

    Users can deactivate the blue checkmarks. This is probably the case. So it could be read, but -sorry- just ignored.

  17. Faiz ul Hassan


  18. STEVO

    Is it also possible that this contact has ‘deleted’ me from their phone contacts and I’ll never know?
    ..or would the pic, status and last seen… disappear like they do when you ‘block’ someone?

  19. Stevo

    I can see a profile pic of this contact, and I can see the ‘last seen…’ and ‘online’ status.
    When I message this contact it sends (one grey tick) and then delivers (two grey ticks)
    I can see this contact appear online and disappear offline again but the message I’ve sent never gets read (two blue ticks) they always stay grey.
    I’ve sent several messages and this has happened with all of them.
    I’m pretty sure I’m not blocked.
    Is this contact just deleting the messages without reading them or is there some other thing happening?
    Please help.

  20. Joise

    If I deleted a contact from my list and main phone book but I still have an archived message which I looked at and seen there online and last online status, even though this person told me they had deleted my number as well..
    Does this mean they never deleted my number?

  21. Carol

    If someone blocks YOUR NUMBER then DELETES You from their whatsapp and their phone you will see NOTHING. No picture… Only one tick to any messages you send via whatsapp and if you do try to call them via whatsapp it will ring at your end but WONT AT THEIRS!
    If you call them normally it will ring once and divert to the vmail. That person will also not know you tried to call them!

  22. Ibon

    Ok here’s my question. My ex is playing a 1 player game because I’m not biting or reacting. She (what appears to be) blocking me then unblocking me. Changing her pic to things she knows I like etc (childish I know). Heres the latest… She appeared to have blocked me again because I couldn’t see her, profile pic, status or last seen timestamp until I noticed her online one day. So my question is… if I have been blocked, number removed or whatever, would I be able to see her online? Or is she still playing games in order to get me to get in touch or react in some way? (which will not happen).

  23. Ata

    If you have blocked someone they will only see your last profile pic.
    If you have blocked someone and deleted their no. and have your privacy set to Contacts Only they will not see your profile pic.
    If you delete a contact and your settings are set to CO only they will not see your profile pic.
    If your status is set to CO they will not see your status.
    If you see only 2 grey ticks…the message has been delivered but not read…OR they have their settings set to “nobody can see their read messages” they cannot see yours either.
    If you cannot see a persons profile pic it’s because they have their settings to CO, Nobody or you are not in their contacts in their phone anymore
    If you cannot see their “last seen” status it’s because they have it set to CO or nobody. They cannot see yours either!
    If you send a message to someone and only one tick appears it has not reached their phone because it is switched off or they have blocked you!

  24. ally

    question: how can you tell if a contact deleted you off their contact lists on whatsapp? i’m just asking because i go on my contacts lists right? i go to a former friend’s message board. it used to say last seen at. i go to where it says tap info for contact. it doesn’t say last seen. i can still see their profile picture. at times where i go on his message board, it says he’s online then it doesn’t say last seen at blah blah blah. if anyone can help me with this, much appreciated!

  25. aye

    I mistakenly deleted someone from my favourites list and I ended our last chat, how do I get this person back on my favourite. Pls it’s important. Thanks

  26. Olga

    I have deleted contact phone number and also from whatsapp .. I can’t see them at all, but can they still contact me via whatsapp?

  27. AK

    Heyya … gotta a question .. Am unable to see my boyfriend’s status nor his profile pic on watsapp.. . I am only able to send him messages but those messages are not being delivered nor read … . What does it mean??
    Did he blocked me ??
    If yes .. how can I unblock myself via his phone?? He uses a samsung whilst i use a htc desire 510. Please help … .
    Thank you

  28. jazzy

    he’s read my message, he’s even replied to me but all i can see are two gray ticks and not two blue ticks on my message. How did he do that? I’m thinking either

    1. he didn’t add me to his contact list (is it possible to reply to someone who hasn’t added you to their contacts?)

    2. it’s on his privacy settings not to let others know the message has been read.

    any other possibilities to this? Coz the only thing I know is that when a message is read is that it should have two blue ticks. But mine are still 2 gray ticks but he’s read and even responded.

  29. Krystal

    1. If you are blocked by someone on whatsapp, what do you see? Do you see their profile picture before they blocked you or nothing at all? Time stamp hasn’t changed in weeks, does that mean you are blocked?

    2. If you are blocked and deleted from their phone book, then nothing is visible? Is that correct? Will you still be able to see the last time stamp when they blocked you now you are also deleted from the phone book, or nothing at all?

    In both cases both parties are using android

  30. Khaleeya

    I deleted the contact name & phone # from my iPhone contact list only. I have not deleted her from WhatsApp. Can this person still send me messages on WhatsApp and will I receive them?

  31. Macy

    Please someone in the know tell me what is going on here:

    I have a samsung phone. My ex blocked me on Whatsapp. I did not block him but I deleted his number. Now, two weeks later, just out of interest I readded his number and he has cropped back up on whatsapp with a new photo and a change of status. I’ve never been able to see his last seen due to his privacy settings. Does that mean he has “unblocked” me or could it mean something else?? ie. to do with the fact I deleted his number?

  32. Einah

    I message my friend and it was sent (one grey check). Does this mean i was blocked?
    Then i tried calling him and it was ringing.
    But still my message does not appear 2 checks that says its delivered.
    I can see him in my contacts list, his profile pic and timestamps
    Am i blocked? Please help

  33. Ariel

    There’s one person I don’t want seeing my status, profile picture and last seen. But I don’t want to block him. So I deleted his number and changed the whatsapp settings to ‘contacts only’. The thing is: I can still see his picture, last seen and status. Does that mean he can still see mine? Even though I deleted him and changed the settings?????

  34. Laros

    ok I had one of my contacts purpisely block me to see if she could send me anything , she did send a message but I couldn’t see it because I blocked her , I unblocked her and I still couldn’t see what she sent when I blocked her .
    My gf either deleted me or blocked but I still see her profile but when you slide the coco over to see when you sent it and nothing shows up ? Does that mean you are deleted ? From their contacts ??
    My huge question is if you slide the convo over to the left and see
    Ck mark .. Blue : Read
    Ch mark . Grey . Delivered (gives time you sent it . )
    and it tells you delivered 230 pm for instants . ?
    Does that mean you are not blocked or deleted from his whatsapp ?? Because it shows the time she read it . Where it says READ . And shows time delivered on other messages sent previously.
    So can anyone answer my question ??
    Thank you I appreciate it

  35. SarahJane


    I cant see my friends profile pic or the status, I can however see them online or last online.

    Have they deleted me from Whatsapp??

  36. Anna

    I have deleted contact phone number and also from whatsapp .. I can’t see them at all, but can they still contact me via whatsapp?

  37. Amina

    I wanted to ask when I delete a contact why can they still see my picture and when I was last online even though I have fully deleted them from address book ?? How do I stop them from seeing my display picture. Because all I want is them to be able to contact me as in what’s app me but not see my picture

  38. Eva

    Hey, i wanna ask, if I delete and block someone phone number frome my phone book, will they still be able to contact me via whatsapp?
    Thanks for the info.

  39. Katie-leigh

    what has happened if I cant see the persons picture or when they was last online but when I go to type its blue meaning I can send a message

  40. denisa joseph

    My ex had blocked me on WhatsApp a week ago and I couldn’t see his status nd profile pic and last seen but today I could see his profile pic status and last seen which means he unblocked but what if he had deleted my number from his phone? I can still see his profile pic and status? Did he unblock me and then deleted my number?

  41. Rachael

    I have deleted someone from my phone book I phone 5s
    But when this person texts me on wasapp there name comes up but when I go on and open message it’s just there number???
    How if there deleted does there name still appear???

  42. Fayee

    So if I uninstall my WhatsApp, does that mean I won’t receive any miss calls after I reinstalled it? Because when I’ve temporarily deactivated my account I have received misscalls after I’ve reactivated. What about messages sent during un-installation period?

    Also if I’ve deleted his number, will he still will be able to see me online (if he’s not allowed to see my last seen)?

  43. bella

    I’ve been mistreated by someone so took them off my whatsapp and blocked them. Will they still be able to view past correspondence; msgs, pics & vids? Thanks, appreciated if anyone can help

  44. sam

    During the conversation a dp of recipient removed and a msg I send her appeared with a single tick after 15min her same dp appear again and my msgs. remain with a single tick. Is she block me or it is just because her iPhone crashed

  45. blah

    if someone blocked you in whatsapp = u can see him in whatsapp select contact list, no last seen timestamp, no status and no pic, u can call them on whatsapp call and its ringing but they wont receive

    scenario 1
    if u cannot see last seen timestamp, no status n no profile picture, one tick on sent msgs, n he is still in your whatsapp select contact list:
    you are blocked or he set all 3 privacy (last seen, status, profile pic) to ‘Nobody’

    Does this mean it just blocked and still in phonebook/contacts?

    also will it know when unblocked again?

  46. Cee

    I blocked someone on whatsapp and they still see an old profile picture. (Not the current updated profile picture I currently have)
    How do I change this so that all blocked contacts see no profile pictures at all?

  47. P

    He will see your message as how he has saved your name in his phone. as xyz

  48. self

    My friend has saved my name in his iPhone as xyz. My what’s app name is abc. I mean I have saved my name as abc while account setting. If I send what’s app message to my friend which name will appear on his locked screen. My what’s app name or the name under which he has saved my number? Please answer. Thank you

  49. Sarah

    Ok so I have a contact that I can see profile pic status and says last time stamp almost a week ago but when got friend to add this contact to their phone to check if can see online had no time stamp at all but profile pic and status what does this mean have they deleted their whatsapp account?

  50. f

    If someone deletes blocks you from there contact will that person receive the call when trying to call them or does it only ring on your end ?

  51. Raj


    One of my friend deleted my contact number in his phone and i can see whats app time stamp when he is in online only and i am unable to see the status and last seen time stamp as well as profile picture. Is there any solution for me to see his status as well as profile picture as far as my thinking he set his privacy settings to MY contacts only, please provide me a solution.

    Both are using latest version of whatsapp….


  52. Private

    If I have person number still in phone list and they say delete me from their phone, Can I still see their Whatapps online status?

  53. April

    I have deleted a person from my contacts list and changed my whatsapp settings to “contacts only”. So can this person see my picture, status and contact me?

  54. julie

    I think one of my friend delete my no on his contact i whatsapp..i cant see his profile pic..its blank image..im just confused if i message him..does he can still recieve it?

  55. may

    Can I leave my whatsapp status ON permant?? please advise.thks

  56. whatsapp ex staff

    whatsapp as of 4 apr 2015
    if someone deleted/deactivated whatsapp = cannot see him in the whatsapp select contact list, no last seen timestamp, status says xx days ago and still displaying “hey there i am using whatsapp” if they had deleted less than 30 days, no profile pic, u can whatsapp call him via chat screen but mobile will prompt u to call via mobile phone or viber etc
    if someone uninstalled whatsapp on mobile = can see him in the whatsapp select contact list, last seen timestamp shown as the last time he was online, status remains and pic remains, u can call him and there is ringing but he wont receive it
    if someone deleted you in their phonebook and had set last seen privacy to “everyone” = can see his last seen timestamp
    if someone deleted you in their phonebook and had set last seen privacy to “only contacts” = cannot see his last seen timestamp
    if someone deleted you in their phonebook and had set last seen privacy to “nobody” = cannot see his last seen timestamp
    if someone blocked you in whatsapp = u can see him in whatsapp select contact list, no last seen timestamp, no status and no pic, u can call them on whatsapp call and its ringing but they wont receive

    scenario 1
    if u cannot see last seen timestamp, no status n no profile picture, one tick on sent msgs, n he is still in your whatsapp select contact list:
    you are blocked or he set all 3 privacy (last seen, status, profile pic) to ‘Nobody’

    scenario 2
    if u cannot see last seen timestamp, status says xx days ago, no profile picture, one tick on sent msgs, n he is not in whatsapp select contact list:
    he has deleted/deactivated whatsapp, messages sent to him will remain in a pending state (1 tick) for up to 30 days. Unless he reactivates within 30 days, it will be completely deleted.

  57. susan

    If you go into your contact list in whatsapp in the left hand corner it gives an amount of contacts you have. My number differs from time to time, can it be that they deleted my number from their phonebook?

  58. Esha

    So if it says last seen and then the date what does this mean??

  59. Regardless

    Please help, i can’t even see the person anymore in my contact list even though i have his number. When i type his name it doesn’t show at all, i have tried two of my friends phone and it’s still the same his name doesn’t come up. What can cause this? i was thinking he has deleted his whatsapp.

  60. J

    Please answer me this question. I deleted my ex but not the convo message. I always change my profile pic. I can see their picture and last seen. Is their possible they keep checking my profile pic. And seeing their pic and last seen does that mean my number is saved on their phone or is it possible they deleted my number. I wanna know if the do checky profile pic

  61. Louise

    Help, my stalker has another phone number i dont know, how can i stop him from seeing me online on whatsapp!! My settings are all set to contacts only but don’t want him seeing me online!!! Will i have to remove the app?

  62. Free

    If you block someone, they will not be able to see anything ( photo, status). People can see your status and profile picture based on your privacy settings. If you have to just contacts then only your contacts will see your photo and status. If you have it set to everybody, then everyone can see your photo and status even after you delete them from your list.

  63. Thealgerian

    If I block someone, will they be able to see me online ?

  64. Dav

    As of Dec 14 Whatsapp works like this:

    You can see someone’s status, pics and when they were last online, even if they do not have you in their contacts list. You only lose the ability to do this if the other person changes their privacy settings. These settings can stop you, and anyone not in the persons contact list, from viewing their profile pic, status and online time.

    However, the only thing I believe you won’t be able to see is if someone is “typing” unless both of you are both in each others contacts list.

    Okay i’m going to stop now before you all accuse me of being a super stalker :)

  65. mostafa

    hey there .. i got a little problem .. ive been blocked for almost a month and during that time i couldnt see photos , statuses and last seen .. but last night i saw the statues only … what does that mean … i have iphone 5 and the other person is using android samsung phone …. any help ??

  66. annie91


    Just wondering…

    If you block someones number on your phone and not on whatsapp but you message them on whatsapp and it says it’s delivered, do they get that message? and would I receive whatsapps from them if I’ve blocked their number on my phone?

  67. anonymous

    If you don’t want to see a contact on wats app you have to delete them from your phone contact list. Lets say you delete them. You won’t be able to see them but they can see you. However if you have an android like mine you can set the privacy settings on your wats so that only your contacts can see your profile pix etc..I don’t know though that is this effective if the other party still has you in their contact list. I do know if you block a number it remains blocked even after you delete the number from your phone. It’s all complicated and does not help when you’re trying to move on from a broken relationship because it’s so easy to become stalker-like lol.

  68. Anonymous

    If i delete someones number and block them will they no ??

  69. Eddy

    If my friend on whatsapp deletes my phone number from his phone, will he/she still see my new status and profile picture if i change d previous one? Will he/she still see me when i am online or my last seen?

  70. Eddy

    I love this.

  71. carly

    My ex said he deleted my number, but I can see him online, see his photo and status. I still have old messages maybe this is why.

  72. Esha

    I’m confused I tried to message a friend of mine on wats app but when I went to go press sent it had a little clock thing what does that mean?

  73. ssaib

    Hi guys

    so that means you will never know if one of your contacts delete you off their phone book or contact list? Because you can still see them on your contact list.

  74. som.roys@yahoo.com

    I agree withJake, u delete the no from you contact list.they are still communicate with u and check ur status, last seeing. all as they use regular.

  75. Jake

    Hi BB,

    If someone deletes your phone number you won’t see this. You’re still able to see this persons status.

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