What happens if one of your WhatsApp contacts deletes you in their phone ?

If one of your WhatsApp contacts deletes your phone number from their phonebook and WhatsApp contacts, can you still see them as being online, last seen or status because you haven't deleted their details fom your phone ?.Or do you only see those details if that person still has your phone number in their phonebook and WhatsApp contacts ?
Is there a way of telling that someone has deleted your phone number and details from their phone ?

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  1. Linda

    Can u explain this please
    A contact has blocked me on phone contact list and whatsapp
    But now I can see their status on whatsapp but I am still blocked from phone contact list

  2. Efia

    I have a contact of mine on my phone of which I can’t see his personal profile photo, his last seen and status..but when I confirmed From his phone he hadn’t blocked or delete my contact
    Please, what could be wrong and how can I solve it

  3. Curious Cat

    What does this mean – I have a contact number saved on my SIM and on Whatsapp BUT I put different names. When I opened Whatsapp sometimes it shows his name saved on Whatsapp but sometimes it shows only the name saved on SIM. I don’t know if this is a bug or what.

  4. Denise elijah

    I did not say the number on my contact list will the other party still can text me and I received the message if you still got my number

  5. Denise elijah

    I have not deleted the person off my what app list but it not say they number can you still text me I will see the message when they start texting me.

  6. N

    @R, yes. You can see their status, last seen and profile pic if they haven’t blocked you.

  7. R

    There is someone in my contacts list on whatsapp and I can see their status message, profile picture and when they are / were online. Does that mean I’m still a contact of theirs?

  8. Priscilla

    I still have the persons contact but when I want to read the status there is nothing there but when I delete the persons number from my phone then I can read the status
    Does it mean the person have deleted my number?

  9. Anonymous

    @rinhen. This sounds like he doesn’t have WhatsApp anymore. Maybe he deleted it or changed his number. Sending an sms an option?

  10. Anonymous

    @Marisa, no. If you delete a contact in your phone you will see the chat in your list but with the phone number instead of your contacts name

  11. Marisa

    If i delete a contact from my phone list. Will the messages on wattapp dissapear aswell.

  12. Rinchen wangmo

    I can’t see his profile and my chat is not delivered to him.But I can see his last seen.Is it that he blocked me??

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