voice verification code too many times

I have failed whatsapp voice verification code too many times. How do I get a new voice verification code to enable me connect to whatsapp soon?

78 thoughts on “voice verification code too many times

  1. Enza clercin

    So what urll are just not going to answer our cries…I NEED HELP….Hi…i need your help to verify my whatsapp account. I am not able to get the code by sms and i tried verifying by call too many times.Now, i am not able to request a call. Please help me

  2. Touheed

    You tried sms verification too many times pop up I am getting and I can’t receive the call because of international roaming please suggest what will do for get the sms verification for same number or any idea SMS verification option when will be active?? please help

  3. Marc

    If you get the message you must wait before you can request another code, there is no way to expedite this. Just wait.

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