version its too old

i just downloaded whatsapp i think 4 months ago,and now says its too old i must download latest version,i did three times it only take my money for nothing it doestnt complete download it got stuck when its on 87% of downloading,please help me,i want my whatsapp back. oh my airtime!

3 thoughts on “version its too old

  1. puseletso

    Mine do the samething say my vision is too old when i download it stuck 64% of download please please help i use a lot of money more than R150.00

  2. rootu

    mine is almost same problem even mine is an year old version.
    It doesnt notify me that my version is old 1 and also when i download
    new version and try installing it, It says unable to uninstall old version so my new version
    doesnt get updated

  3. Carlos

    Have you tried to delete whatsapp + download it via ?

    You won’t be charged for downloading it more than once, but by deleting you’ll loose your chat history. However, I think that should be your solution

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