update or download whatsapp version

how to update or download whatsapp version

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  1. Bipin prajapati


  2. gladyson kedibone Thulo

    I want to download my whatsapp but it want password ND i don’t know password ND I try to create a new one ND I do all my settings including Microsoft account but still I don’t know what to do anymore

  3. Rich cool


  4. anikie

    What can i di to download my whatsapp

  5. Pennuel

    how can i download the 4.0 whatsapp?

  6. Gbotsyo Belinda WisBel

    I want to download my watsapp back

  7. Kate

    I want to chart so my phone say I need to update my WhatsApp I need my last chart

  8. Jerry

    I need cookies to download watsapp an I don kn hw to get them

  9. Precious machili

    How to download this new vision

  10. Muma seth


  11. freddy

    hw to download this app on sony z3

  12. simangezwee

    It better to use Whatsapp than to use calls

  13. Silvia

    We also need whatsapp 4.0 for all blackberrys

  14. Nexunzhi poppie

    How to download whatsapp

  15. Lekhooapontso

    wht can I do to download whatsapp

  16. Lekhooapontso

    hi pls tel mi h
    w to download whtsapp

  17. philomena


  18. philomena


  19. philomena


  20. Wasiq Qureshi


  21. Amaresh

    pls tell me how to update or download whatsapp4.0.0.0 version

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