Shows connecting but doesn't connect?

My cel is connected to wifi bt On whatsapp it shows connecting but doesn't actualy connect. Why?

5 thoughts on “Shows connecting but doesn't connect?

  1. Anonymous

    Me2 having no connection

  2. Jess

    Ya.. Im facing the same problem.. Since 08.09.2012 3pm till now..
    Everything i had been tried.. Uninstall,switch on n off phone, connect wifi or 3G.. All not working..

  3. kishan

    m having same prblm h iv dwnld and instl mre thn 5 tym all other sites are cnected nd wrkng properly but whatsapp shows conecthng… And nt cnected nt wrking any 1 hv solution 4 ths. Plz cntct me on 09779218057

  4. Aparna

    Am having the same problem. My phone is Nokia E63 and service provider Airtel.

    Whatsapp was working perfectly well till 2 hrs ago.

    I tried:
    1. Rebooting phone
    2. Uninstalling and reinstalling Whatsapp. While reinstalling, it too several minutes Initializing. I interrupted the process, by rebooting

  5. Anonymous

    ya… having the same problem too…y?

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