random message saying hey there..

hey is there any way one can receive a message on whatsapp from someone sayinh"hey there!i'm using whatsapp."

6 thoughts on “random message saying hey there..

  1. george

    Indeed. If it’s sent by WhatsApp then I don’t know where you can find this option: I dont’t have it.

    Just reply to her “Hey there I’m using WhstsApp too” and see what happens ;)

  2. izy

    haha exactly my point.its meant to be a status and not a message i just needed to confirm it.and the message was sent twice..so its less likely to be sent by whatsapp.right?

  3. george

    As far as I know WhatsApp doesn’t send messages on it’s own. She must have sent it by herself tho. Still, a bit weird she’s using the default status message. Maybe she just wants your attention and now it can look like a mistake? I don’t know. Just ask her ;)

  4. izy

    i got this as a message from somebody.so i wanted to know if it’s sent by her intentionaly or it is sent on its own.

  5. izy

    yeah it is!that is what i am asking,is there any way its sent to somebody as a message??as in without the other person sending it deliberately??

  6. Juan

    That’s just the default Status, isn’t it?

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