Profile Picture for whatsapp

Does whatsapp use profile pictures, just like facebook?

7 thoughts on “Profile Picture for whatsapp

  1. tony

    hi iv gt the lastest version of whatsapp
    but i cnt c any contact profile pictures!!!!! plz help!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Have you got the latest version my luv? ;)

  3. Ive a iPhone and I don’t see my own profile picture or others someone can help me please?

  4. Alice

    Iphone got it now.

    What phone do u have Mob

  5. Moba

    My whatsapp they don’t have smileys nd profile picture

  6. Sqh

    At the moment, it’s currently not available for the iPhone. I’ve checked the AppStore many times to see whether there was an update for my whatsapp, but nothing yet.
    Is it only for android,, or will apple be able to have the update too?

  7. Kia

    Since a few week that opion is available for my android. Not sure if/when nokia users have the same possibility

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