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i can not remove my profile photo on whatsapp and i can not changed
how can i resolve this problem!?

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  1. राष्ट्र

    nokia X2-01 mobile installed whats app and i am airtel sim usererror found unable to connect server…how to solve it.

  2. Jude

    Cannot upload pictures for either profile or wallpaper. When will this bug be fixed? Very irritating.

  3. eva

    How do I change my profile picture?????

  4. bb

    Yeah, it took me ten attempts at different times of the day before it eventually worked, keep at it.

  5. Vick

    @Mehul… I think so. Some people can, others can’t. Let’s wait for version 2.8.2.

  6. Mehul

    ^ Just thought of asking the question here instead of opening another question box altogether.

    I am not able to add any profile photo to my iphone.Is that a known bug too ?

    Just curious ^_^

  7. Jonathan

    That’s a know bug, whatsapp is working on a solution

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