Problems Whatsapp

I have a Nokia C3 and have been using Whatsapp for a while now. Over the last few days I have been having problems reading and sending whatsapp messages and now I cannot even get into the whatsapp appt. What can I do??

8 thoughts on “Problems Whatsapp

  1. ayazkhan

    What’sapp does not work in my mobile,pleaseold version send

  2. McKnight

    Problem about my whatsapp . Since from date of September 2016 I can’t used or I can’t send messages or called or open

  3. Louisa

    Im no longer using wtsap since december 2016,why nokias company

  4. mercy

    Yes bt it is not opened

  5. patrick namangoma

    hai gyz am in problem with my girl

  6. Austen g frackson

    Mr Trueman

  7. Lukas

    Or the download link in above menu

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