Phone number

My phone number does want 2 enter ,the same number i used before

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  1. Steven

    @Tasneem, have you skipped the 0? So.. +277… or +278…

    If the answer is yes… how many digits is your complete number so including country+areacode (don’t place your full number here as this is a forum :) )

    I know whatsapp recently updated their records for Sao Paolo in Brazil, because of an extra digit for cellulars over there. Maybe this is the case also for south africa.

    You may also reach out to whatsapp support, see emailadress above from igor.

  2. Tasneem

    I’m new to WatsApp now I’m from South Africa but they say my number to long for South africa.what do I do?

  3. ofentse makgalemela(0835987010)

    I jst downloaded what’s app last week than they said I must type my numbers than I did than they said ur number is too long for South Africa and I am liveing in South Africa.

  4. Tofarati Suleiman

    i deleted whatsapp then i re in stalled it but my phone number will not work

  5. Refiloe

    I dont know what to do cos it doesnt want to enter anymore

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