Number Blocked

kindly help me out, all of a sudden when i tryna use my whatsapp they say my number is no longer allowed to use the whatsapp service. Pls help

5 thoughts on “Number Blocked

  1. brentton

    Unblock me please

  2. brentton

    Could I please get unblock please

  3. Steven

    For unblocking you should contact WhatsApp directly via the option Help on your mobile phone, or support[at]

    Good luck!

  4. Gabriela

    Hola mi numero de telefono ha sido bloqueado por intentar instalar whatsapp en el ordenador varias veces ahora tengo un telefono al que le puedo instalar whatsapp pero al estar bloqueado no puedo usar el programa gracias como puedo recuperar mi cuenta en whatsapp?

  5. Gabriela

    Hi my phone number has been blocked by whatsapp trying to install on your computer several times now I have a phone that I can install the whatsapp but being blocked I can not use the software by I can get my account whatsapp?

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