not connected to chat server

i downloaded whatsapp,opened it,and when i am trying to set my status it says not connected to the chat server.please help.

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  1. thabani

    I’m using a dual sim phone nokia x2-02 i jst copied whatsapp nd it says “not connected to chat server cannot set status” plz help immediately

  2. Anonymous

    Not connected to chat server means a problem between your phone and whatsapp. So you’re phone is supporting whatsapp but there is a problem with your mobile provider / internet connection.

    So check your internet connection. Are other apps working? Do you have a full data plan? Try deleting + reinstalling whatsapp.

    Check if you’re on the unsupported list:
    Mexico: C3-00 devices on Telcel
    Portugal: Vodafone
    Brazil: VIVO
    Argentina: Claro
    India: Idea, Vodafone, Tata Docomo, sometimes Airtel, and possibly others

  3. kartik hedau

    same problem here plzzz help someone!!

  4. shailee

    This is my problem too. I cant chat with any of my friends.

  5. Big Will

    Have you tried via wifi spot yet?

  6. Raphael jackson

    That is ma problem i can’t connected to server.

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