Not blocked but still cant see last online?

One of my contacts doesnt show last online any longer. Just blank under contact name. This first happened couple of days ago and I checked all other contacts show last online normally. I read from Whatsapp FAQ that it means contact has blocked me for sure. He is a colleague I talk to requrarly. I then sent him e-mail asking if hes blocked me and he said no he hasnt? He then msg me via Whatsapp checking it works. After this his last online showed normally for few days. Now since yesterday last online field is blank again! However I can still see if he is online, but last seen is blank again. Why is this? Doesnt this mean when you cant see "last seen" it does not mean you have been blocked? Then why its only one contact showing this? Strange.

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  1. P. Sen

    I cannot see the profile picture of my friend but I can see him online when he is online. I can even see his about status.. Why ? Has he deleted me from his contact or he has only removed his profile picture ? What’s the actual reason behind this ?

  2. Joolzbean

    If your friends have deleted their whatsapp application you will only see blank profile pic and no Last Seen.

  3. Megha

    Hello everyone!

    I have a very wierd problem in whatsapp.
    I am not able to see only one of my friends contact details. Though she can.
    There is no last seen and display picture shown for her but she can see mine.
    How is it possible?
    Request you to please help me with his issue.

  4. Namrata Mhatre

    I can’t see last seen only one friend…not have any seeting issue..friend not block me…friend able to see my last seen etc…pls resolve this issue…give solution

  5. parul

    I cnt see last seen of others.. As well as they also cnt see me online . Why ?

  6. Kuldeep

    I not see last seen and profile pic.

  7. Usman khan

    My friends pic and online is showing but when she is offline i cannot see her last seen but other her other friends can see lats seen why

  8. Tejo

    My friends pic and online is showing but when she is offline i cannot see her last seen but other her other friends can see lats seen why

  9. carol gibson

    my husband works abroad but u dont c the last seen but u can tell he is online but not last c also when he cames back home to Aberdeen

  10. Aysh

    Friends profile I can see but not when they online why is that

  11. Gill john

    Sorry ment to say galaxy s5

  12. Gill john

    I’m not blocked and friends haven’t changed there settings. .but can’t see there last seen its blank. .I can if I turn my phone off galaxy can see last seen then for a bit then it starts again ..any idea how I can fix this really getting fed up turning my phone off and on please help

  13. sujalakulkarni

    i don’t want to show my last seen to my contacts

  14. Erin

    Hey, i blocked someone from keep msg me. I do know when blocked someone we still can c their dp. Im wondering his last seen still available to be seen after blocked but sometimes His last is unavailable to be seen. How could this happened?

  15. remon

    i not see last seen of all of my friends

  16. Carrie

    Found it! That was the reason indeed, problem solved.They should clarify this on Whatsapp info page, since would think many people think they are being blocked now


  17. Michel

    Advanced Chat Settings. As far as I know only available for iphone and since version 2.8.2 (the latest one). Rgds

  18. Carrie

    Yes! He has iPhone. I didnt know that, where can you switch it off?

  19. Michel

    iPhone users can switch off the last seen stamp. However, you’ll still can see when they are ONLINE. Sounds like your description. Is he/she using iPhone?

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