Not blocked but still cant see last online?

One of my contacts doesnt show last online any longer. Just blank under contact name. This first happened couple of days ago and I checked all other contacts show last online normally. I read from Whatsapp FAQ that it means contact has blocked me for sure. He is a colleague I talk to requrarly. I then sent him e-mail asking if hes blocked me and he said no he hasnt? He then msg me via Whatsapp checking it works. After this his last online showed normally for few days. Now since yesterday last online field is blank again! However I can still see if he is online, but last seen is blank again. Why is this? Doesnt this mean when you cant see "last seen" it does not mean you have been blocked? Then why its only one contact showing this? Strange.

7 thoughts on “Not blocked but still cant see last online?

  1. sujalakulkarni

    i don’t want to show my last seen to my contacts

  2. Erin

    Hey, i blocked someone from keep msg me. I do know when blocked someone we still can c their dp. Im wondering his last seen still available to be seen after blocked but sometimes His last is unavailable to be seen. How could this happened?

  3. remon

    i not see last seen of all of my friends

  4. Carrie

    Found it! That was the reason indeed, problem solved.They should clarify this on Whatsapp info page, since would think many people think they are being blocked now


  5. Michel

    Advanced Chat Settings. As far as I know only available for iphone and since version 2.8.2 (the latest one). Rgds

  6. Carrie

    Yes! He has iPhone. I didnt know that, where can you switch it off?

  7. Michel

    iPhone users can switch off the last seen stamp. However, you’ll still can see when they are ONLINE. Sounds like your description. Is he/she using iPhone?

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