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I have android system 4.3.1 and am trying to enable sound upon receiving a comment, but there is no "Settings" in the menu.
How do I enable sound? I have also looked in all possible places in the phone's main settings and come up with nothing relating to whatsapp.

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  1. micky

    apparently i’m not allowed to leave a link, so here’s snip of the fix:

    1) Open settings..
    2) Tap Profiles..
    3) Then move right to Application Group management and add a new one (with +), then name anything (for example: “whatsapp”)..
    4) Now add Whatspp application to this group..
    5) Go back to profiles..
    6) Create a new Profile and name it anything (for example: “whatsapp”)..
    7) Open setting of this newly created profile (by tapping on setting button next to profile name)..
    8) Scroll down to application groups and tap on whatsapp (the group you created in step 3)..
    9) Now tap on “Notification mode” and and select “On”..
    10) And thats it.. You now have whatsapp notification sound.

    Thanks to xdadevelopers forum!

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