My Wp has been stolen! What can I do for Whatsapp??

My phone has been stolen yesterday.
I have some questions about whatsapp:
– should i block My account? How can i do?
– can i use whatsapp online from pc and red My messages?
– What happens when i re activate My number? Will i see group chats, previous conversation and everything else?
Tank you very very much!!!

3 thoughts on “My Wp has been stolen! What can I do for Whatsapp??

  1. Ian Springleer

    i there my phone has been stollen and the someone is still using my whatsapp can u guys pls stop my whatsapp on my old number? it was 0849709168

    Kind Regards
    Ian Springleer

  2. lizaan


  3. Bea

    Hi Andrea

    First of all make sure you block your sim card.

    Then, reach out to whatsapp (support[at] They should be able to block your account/number.

    I’m afraid your conversations are gone, since these are being saved on your phone, not on external servers.

    I don’t know how to use whatsapp via pc, so can’t help you further

    good luck

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