My Whats app Banned

My phone number is 919465106184 My watsapp has been blocked for 72 hours. I've already waited 37 hours. Please restore my Watsapp now as I didn't know that Watsapp was untrusted. I've already installed Watsapp from Google Play and please restore my watsapp now and I can complete the installation.
My whatsapp was banned first for 24 hrs and now for 72 hrs .i really do not understand what's going on and please understand we are not here to violate rules .most of them are using whatsapp plus thinking it is an updated version of whatsapp that's all . If it's totally a different company there should have been a caution to the users instead of a ban on them this is just not done many of my friends are using whatsapp plus all are not banned so please consider this it is a matter of self respect no one would do this intentionally action has to be taken against whatsapp plus and not on consumers do something to restore whatsapp to all .thank u. how i restore it ?

2 thoughts on “My Whats app Banned

  1. Rohit K Ranjan

    Ur watsapp is resolved or not

  2. sandesh

    My whatsapp banned 72 hours i knw i have mistake then i m really sorry but pls open my banned thats my no 9664566365

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