Messages, History, usable in court

Are whatsapp messages usable in court. From what I can see, when you send your message history, it does this in txt format, making it easy to edit and change – so I personally do not think this is usable in court.

Also- you are able to delete specific messages in the chat history.
I have read that NO messages are saved on the server, they are all saved on the end users phone.
Anyone got any knowledge on this topic?

2 thoughts on “Messages, History, usable in court

  1. me

    This would be very useful!. I currently have a situation where I need to preserve several conversations as they may be needed in court. I wish whatsapp had a speech feature for this.

  2. Dino

    Wow, that’s a very good question. You’re right by saying that WhatsApp saves messages on your phone and not on servers like other applications do.

    I can’t believe that a regular txt format will have any juridical value as you can easily amend it. So that’s probably useless indeed.

    Printscreens are probably also insufficient, basic photoshop will do.

    The only thing that might be useful is to show the conversation ‘live’ in WhatsApp. In that way you can see that the name/message is linked to the phone number from the suspect. As far as I know, there is nothing you can manipulate.

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