Message notification on Lumia 610 – intermittent problem

Why is it that whatsapp message notification only works on and off on lumia 610. Sometimes only when you launch the app then you see the notification and even when app is launched, sometimes and usually most of the time, the notification only show up after i click on the respective chat then when i'm in 'that specific' chat, then after a second or two then the message shows up.

Also it takes a long time to launch the app…

Is whatsapp compatible with windows phones? Seems like nokia series of window phones having problems with message notofication on whatsapp.

2 thoughts on “Message notification on Lumia 610 – intermittent problem

  1. Atikul islam

    Verification problem

  2. Ibrahim

    To ensure the prompt delivery of WhatsApp message notifications, your phone must be configured properly. Here’s how to configure your Windows Phone:
    If battery-saver is enabled, notifications don’t get delivered. Please turn battery-saver off if you expect to get notifications.
    Notifications on Windows Phone require a strong carrier data connection.
    Users on Wi-Fi networks with no carrier data will often see delayed notifications, since the phone turns off your Wi-Fi when the screen is off in order to preserve the battery.
    If your phone has a bad internet connection, or you spend part of the day without strong cell coverage, it may take some time before WhatsApp is able to reconnect to your phone and send you notifications.
    Ensure WhatsApp is pinned to start. That way, if you miss a notification, you can still see an unread message count on the live tile.
    Ensure your ringer is on and the “Other notifications” box is checked under Settings -> Ringtones + sounds.

    Make sure push is enabled in WhatsApp settings.
    If you have your phone off or disconnected for a long period of time, you may have to re-enter WhatsApp at least once to restart push notifications.

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