Lost/missing last seen status – very annoying

5 days ago when I went into the chat, one of my contacts had no status under his name, I texted him and asked if he was off WhatsApp, or had he blocked me? I went to his contact and straight away he appeared onLine and I could see him typing, he said no he hadn't changed any settings, and that I was not showing any status either?

I checked other contacts and I could see them, I deleted and reinstalled twice, made sure last seen was 'on' but now I can not see any status of my contacts

I went to a few forums and followed suggestions about moving date, turning off last seen, moving date and turning it back on but I always get error message saying can not toggle within 24 hours

I left it 3 days but I still get this message,

This is so frustrating

Any suggestions?

One thought on “Lost/missing last seen status – very annoying

  1. A.

    Reinstall whatsapp will do the trick!

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