Last seen is not working?

My last seen function suddenly stopped working after installed 2.8.1 after sometime. Updating to 2.8.2 did not resolve the issue. It shows contacts online if they are online at the time being, otherwise nothing is shown under their name. Is this my phone problem?

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  1. Shahina Safeer

    I have also the same problem that i can’t see the last seen of my contacts in whatsapp. They were not hide me or block me. Can anyone please help me.

  2. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if you have two sims in your fone and ur num is saved on the sim that has been removed , would whatsapp last seen automatically turns off ? Does it happen?

  3. Anonymous

    can’t download WhatsApp

  4. Ramesh

    I have also same problem

  5. Abigail Moreno

    Hi. I have the same problem too
    I have a cell phone Nokia asha 306. I when bought it, last seen were normal. It showed when person disconnected of there. Three months later all my contacts chats did not already show “last seen”, now they show “online” all day and all high. What can II do for all my contacts chats come back to show “last seen” again?? Is there a solution for restoring my WhatsApp?? I want that my contacts chats come back to show last seen

  6. Azni

    Last seen wording cannote see properly

  7. teejay

    Version 2.11.1619 nt working

  8. Daniel S

    After playing with my phone I noticed that the options have changed. If you have a problem where you can’t see anyone’s last seen time stamp and the advanced settings have gone go to settings…privacy….last seen…Everybody. TA-DAH!!
    Hope this helped you.
    If it did,
    Feel free to buy me a drink.

  9. Crystal

    Hi there, im having the same problem also. Some of the contacts i cant see their last seen. And im using iphone 5s. I tried to do as the steps u all mention but i couldnt find any advance setting in my whatsapp setting. Does something go wrong? Anybody can help me with this?

  10. Tam

    Same problem with my nokia lumia 520. I’ve rebooted the phone 5 times, deleted all my contacts and added them again, still cant see atleast 10 out of my 30 contact’s last seen time. As well as that I confirmed from my friends that they do have my number saved and they are not hiding their last seen time. Help? Its really annoying me :(


  11. Chalaylay

    Hi guys go to privacy settings then turn visibility last seen to my contacts. tada:) hope this helps all

  12. Bev

    I have the same problem this afternoon. A friend’s last seen status suddenly didn’t show but I can see his online status. All my other contacts were ok although a few others had the same issue but only for 5-10mins. Is there any way to fix this?
    I’m using the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the whatsapp version is 2.11.186


  13. satya

    this functionality can only be toggled at most once every 24 hours

  14. swaiss

    and i think its best if u backup your whatsapp and delete it , download it again and then try the above.

  15. swaiss

    i have an iphone 5 and i updated my whatsapp to the last version, and i have had this problem ever since and tried all the tricks nth worked but got the solution : turn your time stamp off go to your general settings/ date and time change the date to a month forward go to whatsapp turn stamp on and booom it worked for me , hope this finds everybody well :)

  16. Jai Kashyap

    I’ve done all tricks but still the problem is on :(


  17. Ale

    Hi, same problem here for me, since I downloaded the latest version, I’m not able to see if any of my contacts are on line or last seen! I have tried to turn it of/on several times, to delete watsapp and to install it again but nothing changed and don’t know really what else I could do?? Can someone help? Thanklssss

  18. Tzunami


    does anyone know if it is possible that the Timestamp option turns itself on off after changing of sim card or registering of another phone number?
    My boyfriend is traveling to another country at the moment and all of a sudden I am not able to see his Timestamp anymore. I asked him and he said his Timestamp feature is on off and If he tries to turn it back on he gets the “24 hours” reply, which makes me understand he turned it off at some point… he says he did not though, so is he lying to me or is it possible that it turned itself on off against his will?


  19. Manish

    Same problem with me.
    1. Backup all msg to the cloud
    2. Delete your account
    3. Re-register
    4. Whatsapp wil restore from backup automatically
    5. Turn ON last seen timestamp to ON

    It worked for me. Obviously the worst feature of whats app.

  20. khuse

    I’m using blackbery nd now nt displaying whatap z now out. Plz help to doubled

  21. At

    I still have this problem……..rebooted the phone and all the other options never worked…….. have dropped them email no one took it serious at all
    any one knows any solution?

  22. trinity

    ya now its ok. LOL

  23. Mam

    Looks like its working now. can see time stamp and contact isn’t online :-)

    I must have rebooted phone 10 times but it hadn’t worked then :-(

  24. matt

    I have a solution!!!

    Just turn off your i phone and turn it on back.

    Immediately on the whats app . and it appear like usual.!

    Thanks !

  25. Mitko

    Same here, I think Whatsapp messed up something lol

  26. matt

    Same here. :-(

    Somebody please helpppp.. i tried to use instruction above but still not working.

    I hate whatsapp….:-(

  27. Mam

    not sure about system change but have asked few friends and they have the same trouble too

  28. trinity

    ya same here. it shows briefly and then off again during a chat. did they change the system ? we werent informed though……

  29. Mam

    on andriod, unless someone is online, i can’t see the time stamp

  30. Mam

    I am using galaxy note andriod. it was working fine this morning but since last 2 hours i cant see their last seen time. What’s going on? I tried rebooting my phone but it looks like its the application itself.

    I emailed the support team so hopefully they can rectify it immediately.

    i am not blocked and all my messages getting delivered.

    Please help

  31. bilal

    i have the same problem with both mobiles nokia and iphone
    please let me know what happened and what should i do

  32. Ping

    Having the same issue too. What’s going on? I tried rebooting my phone but it looks like its the application itself.

    I emailed the support team so hopefully they can rectify it immediately.

  33. Joanna

    Hi, my version is 2.8.3 and I’ve got no problem so far but today when I woke up , I couldn’t see the ‘last seen’ of my friends anymore . I didn’t off the time stamp neither did they , so why can’t I see their last seen ? Please help thank you

  34. Shosh

    Oh thaaaank you it really WORKS :D

  35. Juan

    Hilaric Jose, it works :) THX

  36. Jose

    i found out the silution for this issue and it WORKS

    first go to: setting>>date-time>> change the date to be tomorow

    second: go to: Whatsapp>>setting>>chat setting>> advanced>> change the last timestamp from ON to OFF

    third: go to: setting>> date-time>>> set the right date for today

    last step: go back to Whatsapp>> setting>>chat setting>> advanced>> change the bottom to ON

    now you can view the last time stamp of your contacts ^_^ hooooraaaaay

  37. Cath

    I’ve got the same problem. Last seen stamp doesn’t appear anymore after I turn it off, then back on after 24 hours. Had delete the app and reload it but still doesn’t work.
    Is Whatsapp working on this issue?

  38. NH

    Hi Nigel, I did turn it off …bad move :-)!!, then when I went into advanced settings and turned “last seen timestamp” to on, I receive the follwing message…”This functionality can only be toggled at most once every 24 hours”. I have definiteley not changed it in the last 24 hours and have left it for 2 days to try again and still nothing is visible. Does any one know if if is possilbe to downgrade to a previous version of Whatsapp as this did not happen to me prior to 2.8.1?

  39. Nigel

    Hi all,

    In 2.8.2. it’s possible to turn off the Last Seen status. Is it possible that your contacts (or you) have turned it off?

  40. NH

    I have the same problem on my iphone. Not sure if this is a whatsapp problem or an iphone problem? I had this on ver 2.8.1 and 2.8.2, which is what I am currently on

  41. iruka

    I am having this problem too. I cannot see my friend last seen under the contact name. I dont think its my phone problem as i have tried on two phones and still cannot see the last seen on both phones for that particular contact. I dont think my friend blocked me either.

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