kindly unbanned my whatsapp number


my number is
And I receive a massage said
Your phone number no longer us our services please
I don’t know what to do .
Sir kindly unbanned my number.


2 thoughts on “kindly unbanned my whatsapp number

  1. asim ali

    Hi sir
    i m using what,s app service since last 5 years….my mobile number is +923425251597…i m from pakistan..i m using Anriod phone…..i have only 10+ chats groups,and 25 contacts only…yesterday on Nov 2,2016 at 2140pst my what,s app account banned by what,s app team….without any notice or noting i do any voilence of terms and condation of what,s app..on that time i was watching tv….i was not sending any mesg or videos to any one…then why my account has been banned?plz info me it is only 72 hours banned or it has been parmently banned?

    How ever i will care as soon as poissable must obey all terms of condiations in future…………i request your teams plzzzzzzzzzzzzz UnBanned my number as soon as poissable…i missing mu contacts/groups chats…
    i will be very thanks ful to you
    Asim ali

  2. omid

    Please Unbanned Me…please…i Need To whatsapp

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