Is your mobile number visible in whats app for others

Can other people know your mobile number by whatsapp? Is it really safe to give your mobile no to whatsapp?

16 thoughts on “Is your mobile number visible in whats app for others

  1. Anu Adenuga

    Please my phone no is blocked,how can i unblock it. THANK U.

  2. Buddheswar

    How can I unblock my number from WhatsApp server
    Please help me

  3. Sandra

    Pls Hw Do I Unblock My Numb On Whatsapp

  4. cathy

    am blocked on watsp help mi plz!!!!!

  5. kashifkhanrizvi

    Unblock my number from WhatsApp server

  6. stephen

    unblock my whatsapp number

  7. Eunice

    My Number Is Broked On Whatsap I Dont Knw Why? So Please Help Me

  8. V.K.Deswal

    block my 8221051034 & 8295550569

  9. Sushil kumar

    Unblock my whatsaap no.

  10. Anonymous

    Please help me to unblock dis number 0243878570

  11. Byron

    unblock 0778305514

  12. OLAORE

    MY phone number was blocked. Pls help me unlock it

  13. Dee

    Why is every keep complaining about same issue and no solution. You ask us to contact customer service and no reply what so ever. Other social network dont work like this. You need to improve ur customer service my number been block how long will it take to unblock. 07508253780. I wonder if you guys read this at all. Thanks



  15. Lloyd sifiso

    How and what to do to unblock my number?

  16. Carol

    Your contacts will see that you’re using WhatsApp. So yes, your number is visible in WhasApp. You can block someone if you want.

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