incompatible download file

My application needed a new download Friday 4th, did this 3x and each time 'install or open' took me to File Manager and I couldn't locate the file – rebooting Nokia C7 also did not effect a reinstallation. I deleted the app, then tried again, same story, ended up finding it in a peculiar location (ie not installed files or files to install etc) and when I selected the file (whatsapp_2_6_78.sis) the message was "unable to open, File type not supported" – what is the next step, please?

2 thoughts on “incompatible download file

  1. Claire Nelson-Esch

    ummm, although I know what you mean, I haven’t a clue where to look or how to find out, sorry. Perhaps I should just mosey down to a shop and play dumb…

  2. Charles

    Do you have a third party file manager/task killer?

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