i uninstall whatsapp my contacts got deleted

i uninstall whatsapp from my blackberry 9810 torch after uninstall my contacts got deleted now can u please tell me how can i restore my contacts????

5 thoughts on “i uninstall whatsapp my contacts got deleted

  1. Fayez Ali

    I have 9810 and after uninstalling whatsapp. All of my contacts and logs are disappeared. Please give me solution for I have no backup of contacts.

    refreshing favorites does not do a thing.

  2. Oliver

    Just like Jenna says?

  3. Anonymous

    I have the same problem. How can I retrieve my contacts?

  4. Anonymous

    dude my probs is the same.
    only difference is that mine is a bb 8390.

  5. Jenna

    Inside of WhatsApp, go to the Favs tab, press the blackberry button, and select “Refresh Favorites”

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