i forgot my resend code and call me time limit is over

i upload whatsapp but i forget my code and call.plese help me use whatsapp.my mobil no is 919724200203.

21 thoughts on “i forgot my resend code and call me time limit is over

  1. rameez rk

    hello..i tried so many times…but now i have to wait 20 hrs…plz help me…how can i get verificationj code quickly….

  2. Arshiyabanu

    I’m using Microsoft Windows 535…. I lost my whtsapp 5 digit code…. I need it

  3. Krish

    Please recvest to call me time to get

  4. Hni

    I forget .my 2step verification code of whatsapp please help me

  5. angelaan

    forgot my whatsapp code pliz help me

  6. Sheik

    I have forgotten whatsapp passcode

  7. ebenezer

    plz I forgot my whataapp code and the cal time is over plZ help me

  8. wangting

    I didn’t receive the verification code after installing WhatsApp several times in IPhone 6 plus. What should I do?

  9. javed

    pls send 6 digit code

  10. jiaur laskar

    i gate my whapsapp password

  11. jiaur laskar

    i gate back my whatsapp password

  12. Taiye

    i like it

  13. Taiye

    We are greetfull for finding a solution to our problem

  14. muhd auwal tamim

    help me pls, i forgot my 6digit whatsapp code.

  15. nithya

    i forget my 6digit whatsappcode

  16. Amie Searle

    I cant get code for what’s app

  17. Sumon

    I need my 6digit code

  18. 00966 531812303

    dear sir..in my whatsaap not attmted code number..if i put 6 digit number,please make activation..this is showing time and all,,am tryed more than 5 days.,,

  19. Sophie

    Hi, I have the same problem, I have tried everything that was sent to me via automated email. But nothing works. And everytime I contact you I get the same automated response :(

    I changed my phone from 3g to 4s but have kept the same sim. I really need to use my whatsapp again!

    Please please help! :0)

  20. Steven

    For this type of question you should contact WhatsApp directly via support[at]whatsapp.com. They should be able to help you further. Good luck!

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