htc desire c – cannot change whatsapp status or receive push notifications

does anyone know how to change my status on whatsapp on an htc desire c.
i have no options available to chose notification settings for different apps on this phone.
in addition i need to know how to enable push notifications as I am not receiving notifications if the phone is on lock screen. please help

16 thoughts on “htc desire c – cannot change whatsapp status or receive push notifications

  1. AINEBYONA arthur

    I am unable to change my status on what’s app. And all replies that am seeing here cannot work out for me because it only show the chat and contact pages. What can i do?

  2. mattfact

    thanx BB, man that was a mission, u helped me out big time eh, cheers

  3. pooja

    I cnt see status option on my HTC desire..plzz help me out

  4. lovenlips21

    where bluetooth recieved files saved in htc desire c

  5. Jugni

    i am unable to change my status on my htc desire c……help

  6. terrorblade

    thanx a lot BB my frnd was pestering me for this now i can pester him about it easily :P

  7. htc desire user

    Thanks for the advise, spot on, lifesaver.

  8. ravi

    thnx BB. it helped…

  9. tipp

    That was AWESOME advice bb. Truly a whatsapp lifesaver.

  10. ACE

    i cant text anything on whatsapp from my htc , ive downloaded it and nothing happens, i can only send out invitations! what should i do?

  11. boz og

    thx alot it really helped :D

  12. shahbaz

    Thanks 4 the wonderfull advise

  13. Sherin.

    That helped!
    Thanks BB :)

  14. rachna

    hey BB thanks alot for sorting out my prob for status changer …it pissed me off…. thnq again…

  15. BB

    When you click on Whatsapp icon it goes to the page that either shows “Chats”, or if you have no chat history it’ll show a “welcome” page. On this page hold down the “Recent Apps” button (at the bottom of your phone it’s the right button). Don’t tap it or else you’ll just show recent apps, youi need to press and hold. This then brings up all the extra buttons like New,Status, Settings etc. Press again to get out of it.

  16. payal

    same problem is here:(

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